Tuesday, June 09, 2009

june nine :: 51 weeks old

Mack is 51 weeks old today. What? Only one week left?? I'm so not ready.

This morning we got a late start to the day, so I was a tad late to Macks' last music class for this session. Music was fun, and I cannot wait for the next session to start in July. After music I dropped off Mack at my parents house as my mom watches him now when I go to work, and I came home to a) change my socks as they got soaking wet from the pissing rain, and to b) make a salad for lunch.

On my way to work I decided to stop off at Arès to pick up some more Elmo Icing Decorations for the cupcakes for Mack's birthday party. I had received a 20% off coupon in my inbox for my upcoming birthday. I figured I'd look around - see what they have, and ended up walking out with a few items, a few gifts, some candles/cake decorations for Sean's 3rd birthday (all hockey related of course!) and the decorations I needed for Mack's 1st birthday cake as well as the cupcake decorations I needed.

One of the items I picked up today are these Stainless Steel Straws. I bought the last package that they had in stock (and they're discontinued) as well as had them transfer another pack from another one of their locations so that I could buy them too. I wanted to get some for my mother, who has to drink ouf ot a glass with a straw every time as there is something in glass that burns her lips when she puts it to her lips. So instead of wasting straws, I wanted her to try these out as well. I first discovered these on Oprah when catching up on my tv watching. She talked about them on her April 22nd show, for Earth Day. I'm doing my part and going a little more green. I'll let you know what I think of them! They came in a package of 4 for approx. 9.99$ USD (or 11.99$ CAD, which is what Arès was selling them for.

How freakin' cool are these? For real!

I then headed to work. It's darn nasty out today - pissing rain. I love the rain - I find it soooo soothing. Though, I can't stand getting wet, I still love the rain!

Patrice Brisebois, a defenceman for the Habs' car was in the parking lot where I work today. He works out regularly at the gym next door. Apparently here's there several times a week, and sometimes you can catch him standing right outside my work talking with friends. If he's ever there, I'm totally going to go say hello! Maybe he'll remember me from the Blood Drive. I was there with the youngest fan ever!

I timed it today, it takes exactly 25 minutes door to door to get to work. That's almost an hour of driving per day, which kind of blows, since that's an hour less knitting time. Too bad it's not worth it to take public transport to work. It would take even longer.

I did some receiving when I got to work, some goods that came into stock, so that the manager of the store could do other work. Finally when it got quiet, the manager got some time to show me step by step my new job doing the RMAs. The manager of the store barely uses his office, so he'd told me to make myself comfortable at his desk, and take over whatever I needed. He's pretty much up front in the store all day, so I won't be in his way when I come into work. I definitely will be making it more at home, and cleaning it up over time. It's pretty dirty and dusty in there. Anyhow, so today he walked me through every step from beginning to end, and I think I will have no issues on doing this. It's super easy. Jamie himself told me that in a couple of weeks he seems me coming up to him and asking for more work because I'll be bored. Glad he has high confidence.

I asked about my printer that busted last week and I brought it in. My manager told me that he opened it up and saw nothing, cleaned it and it's still showing that there is a paper jam. Something must be wrong with the censor. I'm quite mad. But now I know how to RMA it as it's possibly defective.

I stopped on my way home to pick up something I needed for the loot bags for Mack's birthday party, and came across my new fave store. I ended up finding some beads and things. I love beads. My biggest weakness is making earrings and stitch markers. I just love doing it.

Then I headed straight to Sean's daycare to get him, and then to my parent's house to pick up Mack where he goes now while I'm in the office on Tuesdays. (Next week I think I'm working Wednesday instead). We ordered in pizza for dinner, and I ordered a whole wheat pizza to have tomorrow (after my weigh in!) and I also ordered a salad with dressing on the side, so I could eat it with some fish I prepared for myself. Well, my salad came wrong, with their nasty creamy dressing all over it and when I called back the guy admited that they made the mistake (it said on my invoice "dressing on the side") and he said he would send along another salad. I had to wait almost 45 minutes before I got the salad. By that time I'd already eaten my fish and was still hungry, and now mad. I swear, I've been getting such bad service lately with food orders in and out of restaurants! Oh well.

Tonight after the kids were ready for bed, Jamie headed out to go to a friend's house to watch the hockey playoffs. So I sat on the couch for a bit after the kids went to bed, watched some Law & Order SVU that I have saved on my PVR and worked on a design that I'm working on, which is coming along. Remove Formatting from selection


For The Love of Yarn said...

Those straws look interesting! I will have to get some!

Bea said...

Wow I can't believe how bad the service sucks. The straws sure are interesting.

g-girl said...

the straws are cool! weird about your printer.

Amelah said...

I am not ready for him to be a year yet either!!!!

Stainless straws??? Never knew they existed!

So the habs mouse pad is signed?? So did you run in to him??

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can make the commute more worthwhile by listening to audio books while you drive? That's what Yannick and I do. You can also get an adaptor to listen to podcasts/etc from your iPod.

Tara said...

So, what's this fabulous new store where you can score beads and such? Are you holding out on us???