Thursday, June 11, 2009

june eleven

Today I worked on finishing up the loot bags for Mack's party. I think I went a little nuts for them, but I hope the kids like them. If I were a kid attending Mack's party, I totally would want one. I made exactly 26 loot bags (included 2 for my own 2 kids. I don't think Mack really cares, but Sean will see other kids getting a loot bag, so I had to make him one too).

When I picked up Sean from daycare today, I was told by his teacher that starting in 2 weeks Sean will start doing activities in the morning with the next class after his (He's a Ladybug right now, and the next class above the ladybugs is the Busy Bees). Then come July 1st (actually July 2nd, since the daycare is closed on July 1st - which is Canada Day), Sean will officially be moved to the next class. His new teachers will be Debbie & Ann, and what's really cool is that Ann has a degree in photography (which I do too). This makes me like her one step closer. I think I'm not ready for Sean to advance to the next class. I love his current teachers, and cannot wait for Mack to be in their class (though I'm getting really nervous about the timing of Mack's spot for that class because he misses the September start as he's only 18 months in December) and there are 16 kids starting in September. At 18 months you can have 8 kids to 1 teacher. So for 2 teachers, it's 16 kids. There is currently 16 kids in Sean's class now. And 3 of them, Sean being one of them will be moving to the next class soon.

I talked to Sean this evening and explained to him what was going on, and he says he's ready to move on. Let's just hope this is true when it's actually time to move on. I hope there are no issues with him moving on.

Sean got a really nice gift today from my friend Lauren in Philly in the mail. She sent him some size 3 clothing. I love the shorts they are too cute and he will look handsome in the polo's! Aren't they just adorable? Thank you Lauren! I can't wait for him to fit into them!

Tonight I had Knit Night with the West Island Knits/Crochet group. We went to Dunn's and I had a really yummy salad with grilled chicken, which I really enjoyed. I would definitely eat that again. Tonight was a small group. I like small groups but I also like large groups too. Either way works for me!

Tonight I blocked a few people on facebook. By deleting them from my account, I still exist to them on facebook, but they can't access my profile. By blocking them, I no longer exist on facebook to them. I had to block them. One of the mom's from Mack's old playgroup had an interesting conversation with one of the moms that I blocked. If you are curious to the conversation, it's here. In any case, I do not have time for this immature bullshit that moms who are older than me even are creating. I left high school over ten years ago, and was hoping to keep the high school bullshit back then. I do not have a place for that crap in my life. These are two of the moms (Mommy D and Mommy K) that I stopped going to that afternoon playgroup because of. They are both way too jappy for my liking. I am not like that, and I do not want to hang around people like that either. I am wondering how long it's going to take them to realize I even blocked them on facebook. It honestly feels so good to have blocked them. And I know that I cannot please everyone in this world (it's taken me a LONG time to come to accept and realize that) and not everyone in this world likes me, and that I cannot make everyone in this world like me. They are probably just jealous that they are not invited to Mack's party, what can I say. Mack is just Mr. Popular I guess. In any case, I think I can sleep better tonight knowing that I've blocked them and hopefully that they are out of my life. And what's funny is that they are all still friends with each other, even though they all talk about each other behind each other's backs as well. Too funny.

I added some Robyn's Nest Circular Needles to the shop so if you were looking for a size that wasn't in stock, it now is! I also put them on sale, they're all 21% off! Happy Shopping!


Bea said...

Crazy about the playgroup moms. One of my friends talks about busy bees all the time. I wonder if that is just a standard pre-school age label or they have the same sort of daycare?

Big Girl Feet said...

Soooo dumb- some people just don't get it! I did the same and deleted some people off my list on FB who are the same- it feels good to get rid of them! Who needs that!!

Amelah said...

Kids probably would be happy - I would love to get a gift bag from you!!! LOL you usually give good presents!!!

Does Sean realize that his girlfriendS won't be moving on too??

That was nice of your friends!! Love the clothing. With the yellow shirt, he can match his Uncle Corey!

Oy some people can be dumb. Good you did not lower yourself to their level. They want to be losers, let them be!! Your more a mother then they will ever be!!

g-girl said...

gosh, i'm sorry that you have to go through this with those moms. you mean to tell me once i have kids, i'm going to re-enter high school?? ugh. :P love sean's new shorts!

Tara said...

Fb has instituted some changes recently, and I think that once you de-friend someone, they're automatically blocked both ways. I've de-friended people, and they're just not there for me anymore. Or maybe they got mad and blocked me! lol