Wednesday, June 10, 2009

june ten

This morning I woke up to crappy water pressure (so I couldn't shower, and on went my bandana hair band as I was having a really bad hair day) and no telephone line and no internet. I looked into the internet/telephone situation (they're both from the same company) and was told that they are doing work in my area and it should resume by 5pm. The water pressure thing I don't understand, but now it's evening and it's working again, so I guess I can't complain.

This morning I was 152.8 on my scale. Whew! That brings me to 155.8 on their scale apparently. (thought there was a 2.8 lb discrepancy, but today it was a 3 lb difference). Though, since I hit a 155 number today, I will be starting stabilization on Friday. I am sure I will be at least 155.4 if not lower on Friday. 155.4 brings me to exactly 35 lbs lost. I'm hoping that once I start stabilization on Friday (phase 2 of my weight loss plan) that I will be able to still lose some weight. (Stage 2 is stabilization and stage 3 is maintenance. Stage 2 will last 6 weeks exactly, week six ending July 24th). This makes me so happy.

I then headed into the city and picked up Madeleine. And we headed over to Melanie's house to see her and her new baby boy Rand. He is so cute and sooo tiny!

Madeleine and Rand.
I honestly can say I miss that tiny size.

Melanie gave me a cute gift (thanks!) which was this adorable bookmark. I need to pick up and finish reading some books that I started, but I got through these phases of reading a lot, or not picking up a book at all! It's very weird!

While at Melanie's Mack played with her coaster set which was on her living room table. Apparently that coaster set is "the" toy all the kids LOVE to play with when they come over. Guess what Mack? Mommy is buying you a coaster set for your birthday. It kept him quite entertained! It's always the simple things in life that kids love. Like cardboard boxes. Really!

Afterwards, Madeleine, Mack & I went out for lunch to my fave pizza joint in the city. They have the most delicious whole wheat pizza there. Mack enjoyed a hot dog for lunch. It was nice going out for lunch with Madeleine, and she doesn't get to see Mack much anymore since I don't bring him out knitting.

Then our next stop was to Tricot Quartier (which I hadn't been to in ages, since right after it opened up). I wanted to see if they had a Berroco booklet in stock, which they did, and ended up picking up some Manos for myself for my birthday (which is next week). When I got home tonight, Jamie told me he'd pay for it, as part of my birthday present - how sweet of him! It's Manos Silk Blend in Color #3116. I've never touched Manos Silk before, and was smitten with it upon feeling it. And the colors... Yum! I just love it. No idea what I will make with it yet, but I've got 600 yards. Any suggestions?

I've got some garden updates for you!

Growing Zucchini plant!

Yellow onions!

Stringless bean stalks!

Shallots! (Green onions).
I find what is growing out of the grown VERY interesting!

Some Red Robin tomatoes!

Pepper plants that are doing VERY well!

A zucchini plant in my new extended garden area. (I planted 3 more zucchini plants and they are doing really well in the area. I cannot wait to see what turns out!)

Cauliflower plant.

Tonight for dinner we had leftover pizza. Mack made such a mess and went right into a bath right after her was done dinner. He's too cute with pizza sauce all over his face though!

So into the bath he went. While he played, I worked on a design I'm working on.

I finally decided what yarn I will be using for the Ishbel-along I'm moderating on Ravelry. We're casting on June 19th, so I had to make a decision. I'm going to use Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Bilberry, which is a really nice deep purple. I thought for a while about using other solid colorways from Colinette, but kept going back to this purple. It's just so yum! If you are interesting, come join our KAL!

Jamie had ball this evening, so I think I am going to go park my bottom on the couch, watch some TV and knit. Sounds like a good plan to me!


Bea said...

Coaster set sounds like a good idea. Is it just stacking and unstacking?? Or banging or something like that?

The garden is looking excellent. I keep meaning to take a picture of a plant in my neighbor's garden because its grown to about 7 feet tall in just 3 weeks! I'm super curious about what it is, but not enough to actually go ask them. (It can be seen over the fence...)

Bertha said...

I can't wait to start Ishbel! I'm knitting a sweater for June right now so hopefully I can bang through most of it this week and cast on Friday with the rest of you! I love the yarn you're using! It was so hard for me to decide on a yarn but I ended up going with a skein of MadelineTosh sock yarn, mostly because it was already wound and I'm lazy :)

Amelah said...

OY! Melanie's little one is too cute!!! Damn for working, I miss all the fun stuff!!!!

Coasters like for drinks?? LOL cheap present :) But hey, if it works it works I guess?

Hmm garden...can't wait for some fresh cherry tomatoes!!!!

g-girl said...

wow, everything in your garden looks great!! :) coasters, huh? I had no idea how fun they were!

Tara said...

I cast on for Ishbel yesterday! Although I think I screwed up already, lol! My stitch count isn't where it should be.