Monday, June 29, 2009

june twenty-nine

I was in a bit of a bad mood when I went to the nutritionist this morning. First off I was a tad hungover from the wedding last night. (Reminder, don't walk away from the table, the waiter WILL refill your wine - don't even look away from your glass while you're sitting at the table!) and probably because of the wine, I was up on the scale today and it made me upset. I know that I will always probably gain one or two pounds on the weekend, but then lose it during the week, and that is what they will teach me during maintenance, which I will be starting in a few weeks. (I'm still in stabilization). They will teach me how if I want to have a cheat day on the weekend, to then lose that weight during the week, so that I could cheat again on the following weekend. The goal is lose any weekend cheat weight gained, before doing it again. Because if you gain 3 lbs but then only lose 1 before "cheating" again, that's how pounds add up and you will have gained 2 lbs here and 3 lbs there, and the next thing you know it, you're up 10 lbs.... I NEVER want to be the weight I was before I started this diet ever again..... and I'm happy for this lifestyle change. As long as I can control my cheat days once in maintenance, then I'll be good. I want to be able to maintain my weight within 5 lbs. Though, I still want to lose about 7 more from my goal weight, but no rush. I think that last 7 lbs will take more work now that I'm at the end.

Today we had a brunch at the bride's parents house. It was a brunch for out of town guests and immediate family. The kids weren't invited to the wedding, so they met today for the first time. Sean immediately had fun playing with his
I can count on Sean for a silly picture anytime!
He LOVES to be upside down.

I don't take very many pictures with my brother, but I like how nice this one came out. Definitely frame worthy.

When we got home from the brunch, Sean REFUSED to nap. He wanted to watch TV in my bedroom. The next thing I know it, he's OUT cold...! The boy really needed his nap. We let him sleep until just before supper, or he'd never go to bed tonight. He naps every day in daycare, but at home, always is fighting his naps. Drives me insane. But clearly, he needs his nap.

I did some work from home while both boys napped late afternoon. When Jamie got home from work we made a bbq for supper. (Regular occurrence in summer, might as well take advantage).

This evening because I was feeling guilty for being up on the scale this morning at the nutritionist's office, I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. (Well walked fast, with a bit of running). I have been so busy lately to use the treadmill, and I do feel guilty about that. But I have been biking. So I have been getting exercise, that's for sure.


Bea said...

I think its funny how big a fight kids put up about the naps and then pass out at whatever they plan to do instead.

Knit Girl said...

Sean is so adorable having fallen asleep in your bed.

Tara said...

Wine makes you retain water, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. That's why I drink beer! lol

g-girl said...

i just realized something..maybe sean isn't napping at home cos he wants to spend time with you? seeing him in your bed and have fallen asleep made me think that. you know, i think you're going to be able to maintain this new lifestyle. :)