Sunday, June 28, 2009

june twenty-eight :: 30 Months Old & 130 weeks old

Sean is 130 weeks old today as well as exactly 30 Months Old - which is 2 and a half. Two and a half! I can't believe he'll be 3 before I know it!

This morning I went to a local salon to redeem a gift certificate that I had from my birthday last year, to get a manicure and pedicure for tonight's wedding.

I love this shade of red that I chose. I always go with red.

This afternoon as I was getting ready for the wedding, Sean decided he needed to try on some of my heels. Apparently this is completely normal for a boy to want to try on his mother's heels. Too cute. Had to take pictures. He'll for sure kill me one day when I show these to his future girlfriends.

These are the high heels I wore to the wedding tonight. Not sure how, but he managed to walk in them around my bedroom. I'm impressed! These pictures make me laugh.

Tonight we had my cousin's wedding. My in-laws came over to babysit my kids.

Our cozy little table at the wedding. Good times were had.

It was a bad idea putting us next to the bar. We ended up reaching over and serving ourselves since the wine was just "left" there...!

My siblings and I being our goofy selves. Our mother wanted a nice photos. When she says nice we say goofy. We start off by smiling and then when she's about to take the picture, we make faces...!

Amy and I!

And since Jamie barely likes to be in pictures, I made him take some with me tonight.
Especially since I'm all dressed up.
I've got to show off my new body (36 lbs lost!) Come on!

When we got in, Sean was "waiting" for us in the den. My in-laws were watching TV in the playroom and Sean was on the couch (our den faces the garage door). He had his blankets and his pillow and his stuffed animals with him on the couch. He didn't want to "go to sleep" (he was fast asleep when we got in) until we got home. We don't usually have issues with him with babysitters, this is the first time he was "waiting" for us. Weird. I hope it's not something he'll continue to do when there is a babysitter (whether it's family or not).

I had a great time at the wedding tonight. It is fun to dress up and go out! I don't get to do it often, so it's definitely a treat.


Bea said...

Weddings are always fun aren't they?

Knit Girl said...

Gorgeous nails!

The wedding looks like fun!

Sean is too cute in your heels. Definitely pictures to keep to show his future wife!

Tara said...

Mama's got nice shoes, it's no wonder the kid wants to try them out! You looked great in your dress, by the way. Very snazzy.

g-girl said...

sean is so funny in your heels! looks like fun was had by all at your cousin's wedding. i love your dress and you look fantastic in it! :)