Sunday, June 21, 2009

june twenty-one :: 129 Weeks Old

Sean is 129 weeks old today.

Jamie went golfing today as that's what he wanted to do for father's day. I didn't mind, as after all it's his day, so since we celebrated father's day last night with his dad, and he'd be home in enough time to go to my parents for dinner, he could go golfing today. Not that he needed my permission, but since it is father's day, he asked if it was okay.

Since I was home alone with both kids, I decided to go over to my parents house for lunch. Sean decided that my car needed to get fixed before we left. He cracks me up!

While at my parents house, I had him color the card for Jamie.

I'm so jealous of my mom's coffee tin full of crayons, that I started a bucket of my own at home with a Folger's container. So now I'm collecting crayola crayons for the bucket! I want to fill it!

Looks like Sean will be a righty. (Jamie's a lefty and I'm a righty - so we weren't sure which hand the kids will right with. Mack's still not dominant in one hand over the other yet).

I caught Mack standing and clapping this afternoon on his own, for quite a bit of time. He's been getting better and better at standing, and half the time doesn't even realize. Once he does realize, he tends to plop himself on his bum.

I was able to get Mack down for a nap this afternoon at my parents house, and then once Jamie was done his round of golf, he joined us at my parents house. We had a great dinner, gave Jamie & my dad their gifts, and it was nice spending time with my family.

This evening after the kids went to bed, we just chilled at home. I got some knitting done on Ishbel.

I am hosting 2 swaps on Ravelry. The first one is the Single Sock Swap Round 2, and the second one is Fave Things Swap Round 4. Go on by - check it out - and sign up!!!


Bea said...

My dad was a lefty and my mom a righty and all four of the kids ended up righty.

Tara said...

Swaps, huh? Hmmm, it's been a while...

Amelah said...

ahah keep in mind, mom prob started that folder cup, 28 years ago?!?! LOL!!!!

Slowly start stealing out of her bucket, a few at a time LOL :)

I wont tell!

I like that picture of you and Sean, but he is looks so old!!! Like a big boy, not my LITTLE nephew!!!!!

g-girl said...

how cute is sean fixing your car? :) wow, look @ that coffee tin! that's such a great idea.