Saturday, June 27, 2009

june twenty-seven

It was sooooo nice to wake up this morning and have no kids in the house. I was disappointed that a really loud thunder woke me up around 6 am. I could have down without that. We've been having really sucky weather lately, it's been a very disappointing summer so far (weather wise).

Late morning I went to pick up the kidlets from my parents house. I think my parents needed a break! It was great to see the kids again. The kids were happy to see us again too.

Since it was a bit of a rainy day today, we didn't do much except for lounge around in our pj's and hang out. We were lucky to get a little break around dinner time from the rain, so we were able still barbecue supper. Tonight I had my first salad for dinner that 75% of the salad was from my garden. From the lettuce, cucumbers, tomato and shallots, the only thing that wasn't from my garden was the cucumbers (they're not ready yet). There is 1 more tomato (large one) that will be ready soon, it's very exciting. What a delicious tomato that was.

Even though looks can be deceiving, I had two absolutely CRANKY kids before their bedtime tonight. Mackie, my little photography poser, will stop out of his crankiness, to pose for a picture for you. See above and below pictures. I can't believe the little bugger.

He certainly does NOT look like a cranky child to me. But he certainly was. I was super happy this evening once they were both in bed. It was just one of those days. I wonder if it was payback for sending both of them to my parents house last night to sleep over?

I've got some new stuff in the shop! First, we have some freakin' awesome Knitting & Crochet Decals which you can put on any surface, but most common, on your car!! They are removable but not reusable. It comes with application instructions of course. I can't decide which one to put on my car! And in what spot!?? Next, in the shop, we now have Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn. Oh my - this stuff is absolutely delicious and super soft!! We have 14 colors which include solids & variegated. Very affordable price for a sock yarn with great yarddage! Yum! Happy Shopping!

Jamie has hockey tonight, so I'm about to go plop myself into bed, watch some re-runs of Law & Order and knit.


Bea said...

Crap about the early wake up call and the weather and the cranky kids. Some days are just like that huh?

Knit Girl said...

Mmm Barbecue. I wish I was allowed to BBQ in my condo unit.

Tara said...

Yes, it absolutely was payback for leaving them at your parents' house (even though I'm sure they always have a blast at their grandparents'). That's just what kids do.

g-girl said...

sorry to hear about the crappy weather..i hope that it's gotten better as the summer has progressed. oh no..two cranky lil ones? i'm sure that wasn't any fun @ all!