Tuesday, June 23, 2009

june twenty-three

This morning when I got to Sean's daycare they were almost out the door to use the baby pools that the school got. So with Mackenzie in my arms I had to undress Sean and put him into his swim diaper and put his bathing suit on over that. Fun. The joys of motherhood multitasking. I really didnt want to put him down, because he'll just get into everything in Sean's classroom and it's not right of me to have him do that.

After leaving the daycare, I headed to the nutritionist. I usually go Monday-Wednesday-Fridays, but tomorrow is a Quebec Holiday, so they're closed. Today I was down below my goal weight! This makes me feel great! I can do it! (Lose the extra pounds that I want to!)

I ran around a bit looking for some hair stickies that Rhoda emailed me to pick up for her, she wanted them in Silver for her wedding next month. I had sent her some for her birthday, in purple and she loved them so she asked for some to match her dress. I can't wait to see a picture of her hair done with them in!

After that I picked up my mother, and we headed into the city. We went to go meet Mona & Egg for lunch and a movie. We went to go see The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. It was very cute, a total chick flick and just what I was in the mood to see. I really had a good time seeing it. I am a huge Sandra Bullock fan.

Mack absolutely LOVES music. Anything to do with music. You can usually find him bopping to a beat or dancing to some music. Or he's got an instrument in his hand - like the maraca he's got in his hands above. He's just too cute.

He's also been cruisin' the playroom by holding on to things... Hopefully it won't be long before he starts to walk. It'll make my life so much easier once he starts walking, but he's my baby and I don't want him to grow up too fast... you know?

Tonight we barbecued hot dogs and had salad from the garden. Oh, I love summer. I could eat salad from the garden all summer long as well as have pretty much anything on the bbq!

At dinner tonight, out of nowhere, Sean says "Zeus not sick. Jazz sick". Weird. Out of nowhere. We haven't mentioned Jazz in a long time, since we weren't sure how much he really understood about Jazz's death. I wonder why tonight, out of nowhere, at dinner he says this.

Jamie had a late game tonight (softball) and since it's a holiday tomorrow I let Sean stay up and watch TV in my bed. Does this kid look tired to you? This picture was taken not too many minutes ago - and it's pretty late already! I finally convinced him somehow to go into his own bed, just minutes before Jamie got home from ball tonight. Tomorrow the boys are hanging out - I'm off to Ottawa for the day with Madeleine, and we're meeting up with Andrea!

I spoke to the daycare lady today - where I *may* have a spot for Mackenzie in the fall and she told me that she didn't forget to call me but that she'll call me by the end of the week. She said that she's been super busy and didn't get around yet to looking over the registration for the baby class for the fall. She'll call me by Friday to let me know if there is a spot for Mackenzie. I'm sitting on eggshells here, dying to know!


Bea said...

I hope you get him in!

carolynswafford said...

Congrats on being below the weight loss goal - you look AWESOME! I love how happy Mack is. Sean is getting so big! Isn't it weird how kids can store up things in their memory?

Tara said...

They just grow up so fast, don't they? I guess you'll just have to have another one, lol!

Knit Girl said...

Good luck on the daycare stuff. I hope you get your spot!

g-girl said...

that is weird that sean said that about zeus and jazz. maybe he noticed that he hadn't really seen jazz around and that's why he said jazz was sick. it's amazing what lil ones get!