Friday, June 19, 2009

june nineteen

This morning I went to the nutritionist and I am doing good after my first week of stabilization. I don't think the extra portions of food that I am now allowed to have affected me at all. So far so good!

Last night I started reading a new book - and so far I really like it. It's called Unravelled by Robyn Harding. I really hope to make more time to read more. I really enjoy it, so hopefully I will find some extra time. My free time is so limited right now, so when I do have some free time, I'm usually knitting.

After Mack's nap toady we headed out to go to the office supply store as Jamie needed a few things for the store and I wanted some binders to organize my patterns better. I have an idea of how I want to organize them but I wanted to see what the office supply store had first.

Today I biked to go get Sean from daycare. What a workout that is every time. It feels so great after I'm back. It's super easy going to daycare, with only Mack, who is around 20 lbs, but adding in Sean, who is easily 30 lbs, (maybe a little more), and lugging 50 lbs of weight back towards our house, is really a workout. Hopefully there are plenty of really nice days to come this summer that I will get to bike very often to pick up Sean.

Tonight we went out for dinner to celebrate our Manager at our store NOT leaving! What a relief. We weren't sure if he was going to stay or leave. He had originally given Jamie his 2 weeks notice. But after Jamie talked to him, he decided that in the end, he was making a very selfish decision, since he was only thinking about himself and not his girlfriend or 4 year old daughter. We're going to make changes around work for him to do his job better, and things are going to be a little different from now on, but we're not losing him! Phew! It would have completely changed our life if he was going to leave. It was definitely a reason to celebrate tonight!

We have some beautiful flowers growing in our front yard. Things are starting to bloom!

Tonight I watched the movie Smother and it was just alright. A definite chick flick. And after I was done watching the movie, Jamie & I caught up on the first two episodes of Season 5 of Weeds. I worked a bit on my Clapotis and then cast on my Ishbel for the knit-along I'm hosting on Ravelry that starts today! Did you cast on as well? Progress pictures to come tomorrow!


Big Girl Feet said...

Hee! I just cast on my Ishbel last night!! Thanks for hosting!!!

Bea said...

I think if I had to bike (or walk) anywhere outside right now I would probably overheat almost immediately. We've been well over 100 here (the other day the car's outdoor meter said 112) and it doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon.

Tara said...

I can just see that on your To-Do list : Find more free time. *Snort!* Good luck with that!

dawn said...

I love the purple flowers..we have the same ones growing in our yard.