Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy New Year. Wow. 2011. Where did 2010 go? Seriously.

Today the diets start. More than 1 actually.

First, my husband and I are planning to get back into shape. We'll be eating a lot healthier and exercising. (I'm setting exercise as my goal this year as I hate doing it - but definitely should). With the exercising though, I need to first be cleared by my doctor at my check-up at 6 weeks postpartum, as I am not supposed to be exercising or lifting anything heavy for 6 weeks after my surgery (C-section). I suppose though, that I could start walking on the treadmill, as I am allowed to walk. In the spring, I plan to start an aqua class (with Quentin), so that will get us both in the water. I plan to keep busy. And I plan to get back into shape. In 2009 I lost almost 40 lbs. I want to get back to that weight I was, and I know I can do it. I just need to stay focused and I will get there. I also plan to cut out soda (I am addicted to diet coke/diet pepsi) and drink more water. I don't think I'll be able to cut it out 100%, but if I can cut it out of my life at least 80%, that would be enough for me. My mom was just telling me that my dad (and her) cut out soda (diet as well only they were drinking) and my dad dropped 20 lbs just from cutting that out of his life. (Though, I hear it's like that for men. Maybe women too can lose weight just by cutting out soda?) Though... I did drink diet soda during both times I dieted hardcore (2005 up until my wedding (and I lost 25 lbs from March until September) and in 2009 (from January until August/September)) and I was still able to lose weight. We plan to eat more fish (I was actually turned off by fish while pregnant with Quentin and didn't eat it once). Hopefully changing our eating habits will also help.

Have you dieted? What worked for you? I'm open to suggestions, tips, etc. Please share! If you don't want to leave a comment about it, but want to still let me know, you can always email me at knitpurlmama at gmail dot com. I'd love to hear from you. The way I lost 40 lbs in 2009 is definitely not an option anymore for me. So I'm looking to see what worked for you, maybe it can help me.

The 2nd diet I'm doing is a yarn diet again. I was so good in 2010, and only bought a few things at the end of 2010 when my yarn diet ended (the weekend I was supposed to go to Rhinebeck 2010 - but couldn't go because of my high risk pregnancy). I still have a very large stash, so this year I will try to make a dent in my stash. I had started organizing my stash, cleaning up my yarn room, to make sure everything I had was indeed listed on Ravelry. However, Quentin surprised us 4 weeks early, so I didn't get a chance to finish. I've been using my free time to nap lately, so as soon as I start to function properly again, (and Quentin gives us longer stretches of sleep at night), I'll finish organizing my yarn room and loading anything that is not on Ravelry on Raverly. I will get there & accomplish that. The bit of yarn I will still receive this year, will be from Tanis Fiber Arts. At the end of 2010 her sock club ended up in my shopping cart after she announced it on her blog. I think I will receive my first shipment this month. It was paid for after my last yarn diet ended... so it'll be nice to have some surprises in the mail. Can't wait to see what she sends!

Today we went over to my in-laws to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. Her actual birthday is tomorrow. We also exchanged Christmas gifts with everyone. I got a few small gifts, (as I already got a steamer & a new iron from my in-laws) but they still got me a few small things, which was totally not necessary, but fun nonetheless. Jamie and I also got a popcorn maker - something that I wanted to get for a while now, just never got around to it. It's so much healthier to pop your own. Very excited to try it out.

Being at my in-laws and having people there who want to steal Quentin away from me (except during feeding or diaper changing time of course), I got to knit a few rounds on Q's Milo. I better get it done soon, I think he'll fit into it now, it's so tiny. As long as I get some more time, I can totally finish it soon. (I'm knitting newborn size).

This year, I want to knit more. Crochet more. Read more. Explore more into photography (and maybe put my photography degree - I did graduate in professional photography to use). I want to bake/cook more. I want to spend more time with my children doing really fun things. This year I turn 30, and I'm a tad freaked out about that too (though I hear the 30's are the new 20's and they are some of the best years of your life).

What do you want to accomplish this year? What are your new year's resolutions if you're making any?

This is the year to make it happen. Let's do it! Wishing you all a fantastic 2011. (Today's date is pretty cool, eh? 1-1-11. I wonder who was the first Montreal baby of the year. It'll probably be in tomorrow's paper.

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Anonymous said...

i went to ww and lost 90lbs it took me 2years and i still have 10 more lbs to lose it sure worked for me i go every week and stay for the meetings
i am also going to try a yarn diet this year


Barb said...

ooohhhhh so jealous you got Tanis's sock club, I wanted to do that but can't quite afford it right now...excited to see what it all will be!!

Maureen said...

I really need to organize stash this year, and knit from it as exclusively as possible. I took the first step and decided what I want to buy for an org system, that's something right? (Currently my system would absolutely horrify any fiber fan. It horrifies me.)

I am also on the healthy/weight loss/exercise band wagon for 2011. For me personally, I lose best when I cut processed foods, sugar, and grain products from my diet as much as possible. Basically for me if I have some sort of grain/bread/pasta whatnot at one meal, that needs to be it for the day. So I'm trying to get back to that sort of style. Good luck to you and Jamie!

Amelah said...

I don't remember exactly how much, but I did drop a bit of weight when i cut out ALL soft drinks from my life 8 years ago...Was it 8? I can't even remember the last time I had a coke or pepsi! Will power. Water is all i drink, well the occasional glass of wine or lime flavored beer!

g-girl said...

so how are you going to go about losing weight this year? good luck with giving up diet colas!