Sunday, January 16, 2011

1.16.11 :: Sean’s 4th Birthday Party


Today we celebrated Sean's 4th birthday at a local gym.


We found a place that took care of EVERYTHING. I wanted to go and enjoy myself and not have to worry about re-filling the chip bowl or that there were still drinks in the bottles on the table, etc. And that's what I did today, went, and enjoyed myself. Had nothing to take care of, except for the lootbags.

There was free play and also some animated gym stuff.

Pizza was served for dinner and everyone enjoyed.


And you would never have known that there was a baby there. QUentin slept for 85% of the party. For most of that time I wore him in my sling... until some family members snatched him out of the sling.

He woke up just in time for cake.
(Too bad he couldn't have any).

The birthday boy was totally shocked by his cake.
He knew it was hockey themed...

But he did not know that it was a picture of himself in his goalie gear.
(I was totally impressed by the cake myself)

Sean had a fabulous party & got spoiled lots by his family and friends.

stop mackiecutie

When we got home, a few family members gathered around our dinning room table to open some gifts. Even Mack & Quentin got some gifts to open. There are a few family members whom always give a gift to the siblings of the birthday child. It's never anything big, but a small token for them to open while the birthday boy opens his gifts. Mackie was being a cutie while we opened the gifts.

Sopengift 3boys4thbday

And Sean had a field day opening his gifts. Ripping into bags and boxes like a child on Christmas morning! I made sure he (I read to him) all the card before he tore open the gifts. He loved everything he got. Lucky kid.


Amelah said...

Thanks for inviting me! I had fun :D The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves!

Hee hee - one of the guilty ones who snatched up Baby Q! He is just too delicious!

Mackenzie is definitely going to be a jokestor [is that a word?] when he older! He had me laughing the whole time Sean was opening his birthday presents!!!

g-girl said...

sean looks SO big in those last two pictures! oh my word. love the no paparazzi pictures from mack. lol. great idea to host his bday party at a place where they take care of everything!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I can't believe he's FOUR already! That cake is awesome. :) You're the coolest mum!

Bea said...

That cake rocks!