Friday, January 21, 2011


Ahhh, this is life.

I think I forgot to check-in last Friday for my weekly weigh-in. Last Friday I was down 6.4 lbs since January 1st. And today, since it's Friday again, I'm now down 10 lbs! I'm unbelievably proud of my progress so far. I don't really see 10 lbs gone, except on the scale. I am not sure I notice it just yet on myself. I did do my starting measurements. I measured my neck, my arm, my bust, my chest, my mid-section, my waist, my hips, my thigh in 2 places, my calves, my ankles... you name it. I measured it all. I'll do a once a month check-in with how many inches I've lost there. I hope to see progress after one month. I want this a$$ back (August 4th, 2009 blog post image). I want to get back to THIS on the scale (July 25th, 2009 blog post image). I can do it. I just have to keep focused and motivated. I have an entire pre-pregnancy wardrobe waiting for me. I miss it. It's calling my name. By end of summer I want to be comfortably wearing it.

Jamie took the day off from work today, and after both of us sleeping in (he was also very kind to get dressed and take the older two boys to daycare), we watched the movie The Social Network. We both really enjoyed watching it. Funnily, I found myself checking in on Facebook a few times while watching the story of how Facebook became to be. My husband, who is not on facebook, still won't go on facebook. I thought maybe by watching the movie, he might change his mind, but nope. He still won't create an account.


I started a new project while watching the movie. I went down in needle size, hoping to make it fit Quentin well, but I have an odd hunch that it will either just just fit him or it'll be too tight. I will try it on him tomorrow. It would probably fit a newborn best, so if that's the case, I'll keep it (and finish it) for a newborn photography prop. I have plenty of yarn in just one skein to make 2 hats, I'm sure. I'll try the hat on Quentin tomorrow and see how it fits him. I'm already done 4" of the 6" that is required for this hat, so I won't frog it.

When I picked up the boys from daycare today, it wasn't so pleasant. Sean has been having behavior issues lately at meal time at daycare, not behaving with his food. (Food on the floor, food in another kid's hair, and today, he chewed up his cucumber and then put it on someone's plate). WHY!? He knows better than to play with food. I don't understand why he's doing this at school. He never plays with his food at home. Everyone is just telling me "It's cuz he's 4 years old'. But that's not an excuse. I didn't raise him this way. Why is he rebelling at daycare? And Mack has been very emotional lately at daycare, crying over little things for nothing. I try talking to him and telling him that he doesn't have to cry over every little thing, that he's a big boy now. Hopefully he will stop doing this. He might be crying, but I am so glad that the whining he used to do all the time, has stopped. I think I'd rather the crying over whining. Hopefully we'll have a good weekend with the kids, and no bad behavior. The time out chair doesn't seem to work for Sean anymore, so now when he's not behaving he has to go sit on his bed and think about what he's done. When he does misbehave at daycare they do take away privileges from the kids. He'll start losing privileges at home too - if he doesn't behave. I don't know what else to do to get his attention.


Sandra said...

The boys are probably having some separation issues. They know you are home with Quentin, and at their age, they don't understand why THEY can't be home with you as well.
Absolutely take away privileges at home as well. We worked with our daycare person, so my som knew if he misbehaved there, we would here about it and he'd have to deal with it with us as well. We would start out pretty tough - taking a favourite toy or game away, and he had to earn it back.
There were still issues, but it got better. You're doing the right things, so keep at it. It really does get better!

g-girl said...

the behavior issues also may stem from being SO good at home that they have to be able to let steam off somewhere and that just happens to be school. i agree, privileges and things need to be taken away so that he understands the severity of his actions.

Amelah said...

Love the expression on Baby Q's face! Priceless! That is life!

Good job on the weight loss so far. I need to start [slowly] getting into gear. I just feel it in my tummy. Every where else I am fine. My surgery set me back :(

The Social Network was good, but there was nothing to it. No action. No drama. It was more an informative movie on how it came about. Most people I know said it bored them. I thought it was okay.

Hopefully everything at day care gets better soon!

Bea said...

Saw the hat in a later post. So cute! Sucks about the boys and day care. Hopefully this is just a short phase?