Monday, January 17, 2011

1.17.11 :: 31 Months Old


Mack is 31 months old today.

Today was a quiet Monday. It's a tad cold in the house today, as well as freezing outside (-22°C (-7.6°F) today), so we're all bundled up nicely. The only decent rooms are the upstairs bedrooms. That's where we've been hanging out lately when we're home. We still have had no luck getting firewood, as this weather would be awesome to make a fire in the fireplace. All the contacts I've had, have no wood left, and I even tried calling an ad that was in the paper and the guy never called me back. I think for next winter, we'll be more organized and get firewood in advance.

I've been slowly also checking things off my to-do list as I'm able to do them. Now that Quentin's almost 7 weeks old, even though we're a tad sleep deprived over here, we're starting to finally figure out our groove. Today was a good day to tackle the Tupperware drawers. I have 2 drawers, one for the large pieces that I use often, and one drawer for the smaller pieces that I don't use as often. I matched up all lids with their bottoms, except for 6 bottoms & 12 lids that didn't have a match. And those items that I chucked brought me to 505 items de-cluttered from my home. My goal is still to de-clutter 2011 items before the end of 2011. I think I can do it. I'm already 25% complete.


Sean wanted to show you that he learned how to color pretty well in the lines. I'm impressed, I told him. So proud of his accomplishments. And I love that he's proud too.

Today's Loves, and Link Loves:
- Love this Confetti Garland idea.
- Love this free 2011 printable calendar.
- My friend from high school's husband is a very talented singer. Love his voice. ( I think the "voice" is off from the audio on this but I can't find a better video - sorry).
- Love that when you tell Mackenzie that he's "something" he has an answer for it... "Mack, you're being slow as molasses today", (for example), he'll respond "I'm not slow as molasses, I'm Mackenzie". Or, "Mackenzie, you're a real class clown today", he'll respond "I'm not a class clown, I'm Mackenzie". It's too cute for words. I crack up whenever I hear him say that.
- Free 10 point Pampers Gifts to Grow Points: 4WJDHKU4RPP6PT2.
- I am dying to get a yarn bowl. ♥Love ♥.
- My greenway filters came in the mail today. I am so happy to have my water cooler back & working. I felt so lost without it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn! We are having a touch of the same nasty cold snap - at least it is great knitting weather :)
Hope you and the family stay warm and snug.

Amelah said...

Glad to hear you are figuring out a groove to manage with 3 BOYS! LOL :D

Don't you hate that about Tupperware? It is like where does it go?!?! And this I think happens to everyone! Like why can't it always match?!!

Good for you Sean, coloring in the lines! Some adults can't even do that LOL :D Such a big boy!!!! 4 years alrady! Wow!

g-girl said...

haha. i love it when kids do that!

Jennifer said...

just getting caught up on blogs again after being away from the internet for a bit. how'd the weigh in go? what about quentin.. eating better and keeping it down today? i love your link love.. one of my fave parts of your blog, actually.. you always find the coolest stuff!

Bea said...

Good job Sean! And good job to you getting rid of so much stuff!