Saturday, January 22, 2011



Tried on the hat on Quentin (which I did finish tonight), however, it just just fits him now.
Details on the FO tomorrow, when I can actually photograph it on Quentin.


Today we just chilled at home (I did leave the house to get some groceries though).
We had all these plans to go for a walk, until we saw the temperature outside.
It might look nice... but it was brutally cold.


So Quentin checked out a new mat he got.


I think he likes it.
Next time, now that he's almost 2 months old, will be tummy time.


Jamie put together Sean's new bike that he got for his birthday, fashioned with lovely training wheels. Now that Sean has a new bike that "goes faster" (which is why he wanted it), he gave his little bike to his brother. Mackie was in heaven that his brother gave him something. We all now long for spring. Sean asked me if we can blow the snow away, so that he can go ride his bike outdoors. Ah, the innocence of children.

Dinner was lovely swordfish. Oh, how I love a GOOD piece of fish. When I told Jamie that it wasn't on sale, and that I'll only buy it once in a while, he reminded me that had we not eaten that and decided to order in, it would have cost us triple the price just to order in. (We are not ordering in at all much anymore, now that we're on our diet - good for the health, excellent on the wallet.)

As I said before, pictures/info on my latest FO coming tomorrow. Other than that, I leave you with...

Today’s Link Love (short & sweet):
- Target is coming to Canada! (But not really until 2013)
- This list of Top 100 Tutorial of 2010.
- Mack's cute love.


sapphireblue said...

Those eyes! So adorable!

g-girl said...

the mat is so cute! i love that sean wishes you guys could just blow all the snow away! :) wow, swordfish!

Tara said...

I can't believe Quentin's almost 2 months old already!!!

Amelah said...

Can't wait for Target to come! Love the pis of Q!

Bea said...

Love those eyeballs. Sean can be such a sweet kid. Its nice that Mack looks up to him too.