Sunday, January 09, 2011


This morning we had a party to go to bright & early.
Quentin's going through a bit of a growth spurt right now...
... so I wish I could have slept in with him (lack of sleep).
He has the right idea.

At my cousin's son's birthday party, we had a guest appearance by the "wiggles".
It was quite a good laugh.


Mack was upset when they left. He kept asking where they went, and when were they going to come back. I don't think he realized that it wasn't really the real Wiggles.


My class clown.

We had a really good time at the party.
It was really nice to see some friends (and their kids) that I haven't seen in a while.


We decided to come home and make a fire, and roast some marshmallows. Wow, I forgot how sticky those are. The kids had fun toasting them in the fire (I didn't eat any, though, being good with my diet) and Sean discovered that he prefers marshmallows non-toasted, but straight out of the bag. Definitely not my child. I loooove toasted over a fire marshmallows. Though, I haven't had any in years.


It was a nice afternoon at our house. With the fire going, we all hung out (I got almost all of the laundry done, though, once it's all done, somehow there's more. Never fails. Especially when you are a family of 5.

Again today I had all intentions to knit. Did it happen? No. I will get there, I keep telling myself. Once I figure out how to manage my time better (always something to get done or do), I will be able to just sit back and knit. Mind you, I did spend a bit of time today in the yarn room trying to find some bulky or super bulky yarn to use for a project, but couldn't find a color I liked for what I wanted to do. Grumble. And my yarn diet only started 9 days ago for 2011, and honestly... I thought about breaking it to get some more chunky yarn... but then I knocked some sense into my sleep deprived head. Maybe I'll find some on Ravelry to swap with someone for something I have that they might want. That might work. Or I'll just have to find a color in my stash and make it work. We'll see what I figure out.

Today's Link Love:
- This tshirt pom pom tutorial.
- Love this saying.
- Don't these look delicious?
- I love love love these yarn snowmen.
- These mittens are just too cute.

I leave you with the song that I have currently stuck in my head:


sapphireblue said...

Finding time to knit with a new baby, much less other children in the mix is difficult. Completely understand.

g-girl said...

mack looks so heartbroken that the wiggles left!!! hey, to him, they were the wiggles..they were wearing the shirts, weren't they?? lol.

Yarnhog said...

I think of laundry as a constant in my life. I actually kind of enjoy it. As the years pass, the boys' jeans get bigger and the stains change, but the laundry is always there, never-ending.

Your boys are so beautiful. What a lovely family!

Amelah said...

It was a fun party :D Glad to the boys had fun.

Hmm...that fire looks nice :D