Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This morning after the boys left to daycare, and as Quentin was still napping, I headed down to my home office. I step in and notice my computer is on, but my monitor is a black screen (of death!) I was horrified. I screamed out "OH NOT MY PICTURES! My Files! My knitting PDFs!" I had done a back-up of December, but January was only 12 days in (actually 11, because I had just woke up and didn't take any pictures that were dumped on my computer today at that point). I panicked and thought "Oh no, not another one!" (our bedroom computer that we use for our PVR crashed as well due to what turns out a windows update). And then I calmed. I tried to reboot. That didn't work. I shut down the computer from the back (I think it's the power supply button that I turned off) and then rebooted my computer. My monitor still worked, cuz I got the "ASUS" logo nice and bright, so I knew it wasn't a dead monitor. I luckily was able to get myself into Windows Safe Mode, and then from there, I did a system restore back to Monday (the last available re-store date). I'm thinking now, that it was probably the same windows update that crashed my home office computer.

Had I lost my pictures of January from my computer, it would not have been a big deal. I keep my jpgs on a very large memory card in my camera and I back-up that as well as what I've dumped to my PC at the end of every month. So had I lost all of them I'd dumped from January first to yesterday, at least I still had them on my camera. I never fill my 8 gig card on my camera in a month's time. But my other files!? (They've now been back-up, after this morning's little scare). You'd think being in computers since 1992 (when my dad opened his first computer store), I'd know better to back-up more often. I've seen so many people come in with crashed hardrives and they'll tell us on how they didn't back up anything and they've lost their baby's first year worth of photos, etc... I'm going to be backing up more often... let me tell you.


At lunch we met up with a friend of mine who had a baby boy 3 weeks after Quentin was born. His first little friend. Today was Quentin's first outing with his first friend. Both boys were excellent and slept right through lunch. It was nice catching up with my friend.

This afternoon I ran a bunch of errands and now I know why I keep a shoe box full of instruction booklets for everything that we own that came with one. You never know when you're going to go into Canadian Tire (or any store for that matter for any product) to buy a replacement filter for your water cooler & they no longer sell them. With the part number from the instruction booklet ('cuz it would be too easy for Greenway to put it on the water cooler), I was able to order filters online, with free shipping to boot. I feel so lost right now without our water cooler working in the kitchen. I realized how much I actually use it when it's not functioning. My products are coming from Guelph, Ontario, so I am hoping I get it by Friday.


It's rare that Quentin is this wide awake, so when he is, I take advantage of hanging out with him. He still sleeps an awful lot of the time. There's another cute shot of Quentin on Project 365 today.


Amelah said...

Thanks for stopping by today!

You gotta back up more regularly - you never know what something will go!

g-girl said...

oh my gosh. i was scared for you reading that your computer screen was black! i thought the same thing..knitting patterns. i have yet to back up my patterns myself. i don't have anywhere to back them up on. i don't want to save them to cds cos i keep getting new ones. i'm waiting until we're better off financially to get an external hard drive for backing up.

Bea said...

Sorry about the computer issues. That sucks.