Friday, January 07, 2011



Quentin likes soothies too. I picked these up while in Plattsburgh back in September 2010 when I went down for the day. Quentin seems to like both the soothies and pacifiers. Sometimes he just wants to suck on his bottle of the sake of sucking, and if there is formula in there, and he's already eaten, he might eat too much and be sick, and if there is nothing in there, then he'll suck back air and get gas. So instead, I'll give him a pacifier. He's not really a crier, so I don't really need to give him a pacifier to "shut him up" like some mothers do with their babies. I only give a pacifier (or soothie) when deemed necessary. Does this make sense? I don't want to over use it, but sometimes, he just wants to continue with the sucking motion, and I don't want him using a bottle to do so.


Sean is now officially in his big boy car seat (booster). He was towering over his forward facing car seat, and was above the height requirements for the booster, so we switched him into it today. I can't believe what a big boy he is now. I was sad putting away his car seat.

I forgot to mention, I started my own Project 365 at the beginning of the year. You can view the blog here. One photo a day for 365 days. Some of the photos might already be blogged here, but some may not be. I hope to have fun with this project, and I'll get me photography every day. I know I take a lot of photos, but I don't always shoot every day. This will allow me to pick up my camera daily and try to be creative. If there are days I'm not feeling so creative, you'll probably just see photos of my kids. But that's okay, they're cute.

Dropped off my precious Electolux (the only vacuum cleaner to own). Mine kind of looks like this one but in beige. My cleaning lady showed me that the nozzle is not really working properly. It's not picking up stuff off the carpet. So I took it in today. There is a place right next to where the boys go to daycare, in the same complex. The lady at the counter took it in, but the technician wasn't in today. She said I should get a call with an estimate on Monday. I hope it's not going to cost too much money, but it's the greatest vacuum cleaner ever, so we'll see what's wrong with it.

Exchanged Sean's helmet today too - got a new one. I even got a 20$ credit back to the my credit card, as the new one is sold as a kit (cheaper). Sean's original one was bought separate (the helmet and the grill separate). The kit is obviously cheaper, but the girl at the customer service was telling me that they sell them separate at the beginning of the hockey season so that if someone has one part but not the other, they can buy just what they need. Mid-season, they get the helmets in.

Sean stayed in from daycare today, as he has to be fever free for 24 hours before he can go back to daycare. His fever only broke yesterday at 2:30pm, so he had to remain home from daycare today too. Lucky kid.

Diet week 1 :: I'm down 4 lbs. I have a long way to go, but this is a very good start. Let's hope this keeps up. I want my 2009 buttox back around my birthday. Ok, ok, maybe my birthday is not realistic, but by the end of summer. In 2009 I started a diet in January, and by August I was at my lowest in years - 149 lbs. I had reached my goal weight (155 lbs) by my birthday in June 2009. I'd like to be back there again... and this is the year I'm going to do it! Are you planning to lose weight in 2011? What are you doing to make that happen?

Today's Link Love:
- I love these shoes (in black). They'd be great for spring/summer.
- Love this really cute kid's bed.
- This poster is way too funny.


Jennifer said...

love love love those shoes!
and your 365 blog looks great! i tried to do it last year but failed after a month. my problem is that i feel the need to all the pics before posting them, which ends up being too much work and i run out of steam. it's ok, though, cuz i already post at least one but usually more pics to my fb page every day. even tho they are just from my phone, i still feel like it gives me a good timeline of my kids throughout the year.
good luck w/ yours.. your pics are amazing so i know it will be awesome!

Caroline said...

Yes, I definitely do plan on losing weight in 2011. The first thing I want to do is... give birth! ;) Then I'll figure out an exercise and eating plan.

Maureen said...

Irony: I have those shoes you linked to, in the parrot green. I love the look of them, but the wearing is a bit different. The toe box is really snug and I can't seem to stretch it really (given that it's made of croslite)

They are so flipping cute though.

kim said...

yes I would very much like to loose weight this year. So far I've been watching what what I've been eating and trying to exercise everyday. Easier said than done.

Funny, I think my mom had that same blue Electrolux back in the day and even a tan/beige one later on. Too bad she didn't keep it! I don't even know what happened to them..

g-girl said...

well, as the name states, they're soothing so why not? is there a difference btwn soothies and pacifiers? wow, sean looks huge in his booster seat! oh the kid bed looks super cool. good luck with the diet for this year. :)

Amelah said...

Aw you took my friends idea to do the 365 project! I might do it one of these days, but right now so much going on!

Wow, Sean is such a big boy! Where does the time go?

Good job on the 4 pounds lost - keep up the good work!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

No Amy, who is your friend? I didn't take anyone in specific's idea? 100000000000 of people do 365 on the internet, there's even a flickr group. I've been meaning to do it since I started to blog in 2005.

I'm now down 6.4 lbs. :)