Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Three boys. We're now 8 weeks into Quentin's arrival, and we're still working out the kinks of life with 3 kids. I'm thinking that maybe things will start to smooth out once Quentin starts sleeping through the night. Besides those freak few nights where he has actually slept through the night, last night he let me sleep from somewhere around 3:30 am until just after 8 am this morning. It's a start. Longer stretches than 2-3 hours is much appreciated. I really feel like a walking zombie, and it's affecting my mood. I think the sleep deprivation is horrible, and while some days I can nap during the day, other days I cannot (as there are too much to do). Alas, life goes on with a family of 5. I wish I could just nap every day, all day. Wouldn't that be nice if I could?

Sean (& Mack too) really love Quentin. This makes me so happy.
I was so worried that it would be a complete different reaction.
Things we're so hot after Mack was born, there was a lot of jealousy.
This time around - the boys are older, and we've completely avoided that same behavior.

So, yesterday, I was out for a little bit and decided to check out a shop just off the island of Montreal. I had heard that Mission Falls was out of business and their yarn was discontinued. Mission Falls was one of those yarns that I had on my "to try" list... and had NONE in my stash. So for the 15 minutes I was in the shop, my yarn diet was off. I limited myself to the cash that I happened to have in my wallet, and they guy working gave me a cash discount. Perfect. Well, I managed to put a whole bunch of yarn into my basket.
darkgrey136 green136
Dark Grey (6 skeins) & Green (8 skeins). All of it is Mission Falls 136 Superwash Merino, which is a sport weight yarn. I have many sweater ideas for the boys.
A light grey (2 skeins) & purple (9 skeins - I could have sworn I'd taken 10, but must have miscounted).

Yarn Diet back on... let me tell you. But what's a knitter to do when Mission Falls is just not going to be available anymore when the yarn diet is over?

This yarn, was not a purchase. I received it in the mail today. I traded 3 skeins of the same yarn in Shocking Pink, for this Malabrigo Worsted in Autumn Forest. It's the exact colorway that the Pompom Bear Hat is knit up in, which I just love, and I see a few more of those hats in my knitting future. (Just need to find more time to knit).
This helped me get organized. I was inspired by that blog post. So I picked up this folder organizer from Walmart the last time I was there. I have categories like "Bills to pay", "To file", "Recipes", "Patterns", you know... stuff like that. This will keep the piles of paper off my desk. I'm trying to stay more organized and trying to eliminate the clutter in my life.

I also hung up 2 magnetic boards I recently got on the wall in my office. I think they're super cute, and they'll help me stay organized as well. 2011 is the year for organization. I ♥ it.
Today I went out with a friend to see the movie No String Attached. We met up with 2 girls that I went to high school with (that were in the grade below me) that also recently had babies. One has a son 29 days older than Quentin (Nov 1st) and the other exactly a month younger (Dec 30th). It was nice to see everyone. We're actually in the mist of organizing a playgroup, which will be nice. This time, the girls are not people I don't know (like it was with Mackenzie). Some of those girls turned out to be psychotic, and playgroup was not fun anymore after a while. One girl wanted playgroup at her house to show off her 8 strollers, 32 diapers bags, and thousands of kid toys. It was a show. I'm not interested in that. I want real people. And it looks like this new group, for babies Quentin's age, are all people I know, (with maybe the exception of one person) and I'm looking forward to it. It's also going to be nice to re-connect with old friends that I haven't see for a while, that are now on maternity leave with a baby Quentin's age. It's nice. Sorry to have switched subjects there... the movie... it was very cute. I really enjoyed it. Total chick flick. Exactly what the doctor called for.
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Maaike said...

Nice score on the Mission Falls. Which yarn shop did you get those at? You didn't post the name or the link...

Tracy said...

I hope that the nights get better for you. Like I said before, my guy is seven months now and we're still up two times per night - but it's stretching to five hour stretches in between so I'm happier.

I LOVE Mission Falls and was so disheartened to hear that it is being discontinued. I've made many children's sweaters, baby blankets, hats etc. from it. I actually have a bag of the purple in my stash with a pattern to make a sweater for me. I have one kids pattern book and one adult pattern book of Mission Falls - let me know if you're interested in borrowing either, I'd be happy to share. And thanks for the reminder about it - I need to make it out to my yarn shop to get some more.

sapphireblue said...

That baby is just smiling! So cute. Makes me want another one, and I have a 4 month old. Thank goodness for permanent birth control.

kim said...

Love the yarn! Really want to see that movie too...someday. :)

Tara said...

Nice loot! Were there any "summery", vibrant colours left at the laval store? Not that I'm buying any, I'm totally not... Just curious :)

g-girl said...

gosh, i'm so behind in yarn news. mission falls has been discontinued??? Wow. it's good stuff too. you will love it. that pompom hat is adorable! glad to hear the older boys are loving q to pieces. :)

Sarah said...

Love the stash enhancement, Robyn! I hope you are getting some rest and relaxation this weekend.

dawn said...

Sleep deprivation does not make for a happy momma :( Love all the pretty mission falls with the purple and grays!

Amelah said...

Love the picture of Sean kissing his baby brother!!

Very nice loot! :D

Nice to be organized!

I really want to see No Strings Attached, looks very funny!

Bea said...

Excellent splurge on your yarn diet. It makes sense to get something while you can right?