Friday, January 14, 2011


There has been some progress on my neck warmer.
If I had continuous knitting time, it would be done already.


Today I received some Cascade 220 Heathers in color 9456 in the mail. I got a message from someone who wanted some yarn that was in my trade/sell page on Ravelry and we worked out a swap. (That's one way to add new stuff to my stash in 2011, since I'm on a yarn diet). I was actually quite shocked on how quickly the yarn arrived from MA, USA. Not sure what I am going to do yet with this yarn, but I love the "heatherness" of this shade in particular. If that's even a word.

Quentin didn't really have such a good day today for the most part. He emptied his stomach contents twice all over himself, resulting in needing to get bathed twice today. Sigh. I hope he is okay, so far, he's doing better since having his 2nd bath of the day. Let me tell you I am not a fan of the smell of already "eaten" (or drank rather) formula. It's pretty darn stinky. I really hope that it's a case of his "eyes are bigger than his stomach" than a virus going around. He has no other symptoms, no fever either, so I'm hoping it's nothing.

Today's Link Love:
- These kid gloves.
- These pjs are hysterical!
- My friend Sara's new etsy shop.
- Love this custom crafted Laraine bag. There is even a pattern to make your own!
- Love this sewing machine cover.

Alright, off to go finish 23 loot bags (though I only need 16 immediately, I'd rather get them all done together). I can't wait for a night where once the kids are in bed, I can just sit down, relax & knit. I will get there... I will.


Knit Wit said...

I love that neck warmer! Where did you get the pattern? I've been wanting to make one for my mom.

Lynn said...

Forever Lazy! The New Snuggie!!!!

g-girl said...

teehee. forever lazy what a great name. love the zippered part so it's easier to go to the bathroom. hope quentin is okay. i like the cowl you are working on. i need to knit in more white!

Amelah said...

Sorry to hear poor Q didnt have a good day!

Nice yarn loot ;D You can always knit something for your favorite baby sister :P just saying lol

Very cute bag in your links!

Bea said...

I was going to say that I hope he's not getting sick, but as this was a month ago he'd be better by now.