Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There is nothing like a sleeping baby.
Now, if only he'd sleep the night like he did that one time, last week.
Remember, Quentin?? Forget so soon?

Today was a busy day. Errands we ran, new friends were made, a movie was watched (more about that in a minute), groceries were picked up, dinner was made, and things were checked off my to do list. I still feel like there isn't enough hours in the day as there are way too many more things that I want to do/accomplish. Slowly though, I'm accomplishing things. I guess people understand that I have a newborn. Hopefully. I managed also to get Sean's thank you cards in the mail, I wrote them, he signed them. He loves to write his name. It's so cute. I did his first because there were only 19 of them to write. Now, I have to finish Quentin's Thank You Cards, and I have 40+ to write. I've had the digital file for the Thank You Cards for a long while now, but finally got them printed, and have them, so I will get on that this week too. I want to get them in the mail before he is 8 weeks old. His Bris was late, so it's only been 4 weeks since that. I'm not on top of my game like I used to - not with 3 young kids. (My Thank You Cards from our wedding went out a few days after the wedding - ALL OF THEM!) 4 weeks is not a bad delay for Thank You Cards - is it? Is there a protocol for that? How much time after an event you're supposed to get your thank you notes in the mail?

This morning I ran first downtown to pick up my prize from CJAD for the Special Delivery of the Day that we won 2 weeks ago. I got a bunch of Safety 1st products. One of the items, a new diaper bag, is already being used. I love it's large pockets, and the space in it! I got a feeding set, a baby carrier, a stroller kit (cover, organizer and something else is in it), and a home baby proofing kit as well. It was a nice prize - Thank you CJAD & Dorel Group.

Then I ran to the street I grew up on (for my teenage years, young adult hood) to a playgroup. The babies are all a lot older than Quentin (they're all 5 months to almost a year old) but it was nice to get out of the house, see some friends, and chat with other moms. A few of the other moms I knew from elsewhere, and when I arrived, the girl who lived there was like "You're Mackenzie's mom!" Yep!? Apparently her daughter is in Mackenzie's class at daycare. She told me a story about my mom picking up the boys on November 30th, since I was at the hospital with Jamie, and she told the boys she had a surprise for them, while they were in the locker room getting their jackets on, and one of my 2 boys (she wasn't sure which) said to my mom "Are we going to your house Bubbie?" (Bubbie is yiddish for grandmother for those of you whom don't know). Anyhow, this girl said that if her child had said that to her mom, that would have been enough! It was to cute for words. Anyhow, she continued to tell me that my mom said that they were going to go to the hospital to meet their new baby brother, and they were all excited. Another mom that was there this morning too, took classes with me when I took mom & tot classes with Sean when he was a baby. It's nice to see her again too.

I was disappointed to see that my neck warmer was not ready yet to wear when I left the house this morning. I was all ready to wear it (though I still don't know what buttons I want to put on it). It was still damp this morning when I went to check on it. I was a little disappointed that it was still damp. Hopefully it'll be dry by tomorrow.

This afternoon, as I mentioned before, I went to the mom & baby movie at our local theater. Today I saw Barney's Version. I really enjoyed it. It was a bit on the long side, but I didn't feel like it was long at all. Only realized it was that long when I saw the time when leaving the theater. Barney's first wife, looked familiar when I was watching the movie - and when I came home & googled the movie (as I forgot to look in the credits), I realized it was Rachelle Lefevre, whom is a Montrealer whom, I've met before, back when I was in a youth group as a teenager. I really recommend the movie.


This evening was a quiet one at home. The boys are just as obsessed with Silly bandz as they were yesterday. Sean counts them out and makes sure they are all laid out properly on his bookshelf before he goes to bed.


Barb said...

so cute with the Silly Bandz, my girls have been asking for them, trying to figure out where to buy them here I think they'd love that :)

Tara said...

Sleeping babies are swesome. Especially when they're accompanied by sleeping mommies! ;)

Sandra said...

We went through the Silly Bandz craze a few months back - I should see if the boy is willing to give his away - if he does, they're yours (we have TONS!) I'll email you once I know what he wants to do...

g-girl said...

oh sleeping baby photos are the best! :) cute story about the mom who overhead the conversation btwn the boys and your mom!

Jennifer said...

ashlyn looooooves her silly bandz!
oh, and etiquette says you have one year after a wedding to send thank-you's. not sure about other occasions, though.

Amelah said...

Wow! Sounds like a nice prize you won there!

Very nice neck warmer! I should make one of those. I have enough left over of the super chunky yarn. Can i use that? Any patterns you recommend me?