Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1.11.11 :: 210 weeks & 6 weeks


Sean is 210 weeks old today.


Quentin is 6 weeks told today.

This morning I had to run into Quentin's room to make sure he was still alive/breathing. He was still breathing perfectly fine. I woke up startled because he went to bed at just after midnight last night. It was 8:21 am when I ran into his room. Is he going to break Sean's record of sleeping through the night? (Sean started at 9 weeks old and Quentin is 6 weeks old today. My 2nd Mackenzie, on the other hand, took a few months before he started to sleep through the night). I got 8 hours of sleep. UNINTERRUPTED!! I feel like a new person. Keep it up Baby Q. He actually woke up just after 11 am. I couldn't believe it. I went into his room a few times to make sure he was indeed breathing/alive. I'm crossing my fingers he sleeps through the night again tonight. I can hope, right?


Quentin got his Wubbanub in the mail today.


He loves it.
And I just think it's super cute.


Today I was on a rampage. I guess that's what getting 8 hours of sleep in a row will do to a mother? I cleaned, organized, re-arranged. If I didn't just have a baby, you'd think I was nesting. I organized my sewing scraps in a box (above), re-organized the linen closet (it's beyond neat right now - let's see how long it lasts), I re-organized the crawl space under our stairs in the basement (things had just gotten shoved in there as of lately), I did laundry (though it needs to be folded and put away), I cleaned up the den, the playroom (organized toys by type in each bin - like kitchen stuff in one bin, cars in another, etc). I was on a roll. I like that I got a lot accomplished. Quentin was really good about me getting that stuff done as well.


This evening I got to get out of the house for a little bit (with Quentin) for January's Montreal Knitting Guild Meeting. I really wasn't interested in the subject that was being lectured (Weaving) but I went to see some friends and get out of the house (and start a new knitting project - details tomorrow). I had to be home early though, so I just went for a little bit. Jamie's hockey got switched from tomorrow night to tonight, so we compromised a time for me to be home so that we both could go out for a bit.

Posted my silly Mack to Project 365 today.

Today is 1-11-11. Love the date.


Tracy said...

Okay, I'm totally jealous. My (almost) 7 month old isn't sleeping through the night yet. He's still up usually 2 times/night. My first was a good sleeper like yours, so this is really kicking my butt! So happy for you though.

sapphireblue said...

Very jealous. At least I'm sleeping for hours at a time now. I need a nap.

Sandra said...

I did the same dash into my son's room the first time he slept through! He started around 5 weeks, and was on and off a bit until about 3 months, then was a pretty good solid 9-11 hour sleeper. Heaven.

Yarnhog said...

Oh, wow! What a gift. My kids didn't sleep through the night for...years, I think.

I thought about you yesterday. My 10-year-old, who just finished a ten-day bout of flu, woke me up twice in the middle of the night, crying because his ears hurt. I had to get up to deal with him, and the next day I was a complete and utter zombie. I can't imagine having to do that every night again! (Poor kid was just diagnosed with dueling ear infections and pneumonia.)

Maureen said...

Yay for Q's cute little outfit! ;)

Amelah said...

Congrats on the 8 hours of sleep!!!! LOL Cute picture of him breathing btw!

dawn said...

Wow I bet you feel a ton better...now cross your fingers that he keeps it up. I love all the woven scarves I've seen lately although I'm not sure I would actually love the process.