Thursday, January 13, 2011

1.13.11 :: 134 weeks old


Mackenzie is 134 weeks old today.

I took Quentin to the CLSC this morning to get weighed, as I was concerned about his eating as of lately. He's been only drinking about 1 oz at a time and then passing out for 2-3 hours, waking up and only drinking about another ounce, before sleeping again for 2-3, sometimes even 4 hours. I was right, he was only gaining on average about 15 grams per day, when he should be gaining 20-25 grams per day. He's now 6 lbs 12 oz (3080 grams or 3.08kg) at 6 weeks old 2 days. Two weeks ago, on Dec 28th, he was 6 lbs 5 oz. (2860 grams or 2.86 kg). And the week before that from Monday, Dec 20th (weighed by the CLSC) to Tues, Dec 28th (weighed by his doctor at his 4 week check-up) , he had gained in those 8 days 45 grams per day. It really cut in a 3rd his weight gain from 45 g to 15 g. Though, I can't force him to eat more than he wants to, or he spits it ALL up. When he's done, he shuts his gums and that's it. He's not letting any more food in. I'm hoping this slow weight gain is just his own curve, but we'll find out in about another 2 weeks when he has his 2 month check-up.

After leaving the clinic, I ran to my 6 week postpartum appointment. My incision is healing nicely and I was cleared to work out/exercise. I'll probably still start light on the exercise, but I plan to make a routine for myself, something that will work. I was supposed to have one test done today, but I unfortunately couldn't so I have to run back to her in 2 weeks to do it. And then I'll be free of doctor appointments from there for 1 year. Everyone at the doctor's office couldn't get over how small he was!

As I arrived to the doctor's office trying to undo Quentin's Bundle Me to not let him overheat, one of the side zippers got stuck. I tried for a while to get the zipper free, but it just wasn't going anywhere. At least it got stuck at the most closed point, and luckily the other side opens and has it's own zipper, so I am able to open it. It's the same side that I had the zipper replaced back in October 2008. Anyhow, after my doctor's appointment, I went to pick up Jamie and while at the office, my dad happened to be there (family business) so I had my dad take a look at it. He used vice grips to try to get the zipper free, but he ended up breaking the zipper slider in half.

Jamie's car was at the dealership today, so he needed my car for work. Since I hadn't actually been to the new store we opened in November, I decided to go with him to check it out, since his trip today was going to be a quick one. First we went to our original store, where I was working until I started my maternity leave, and then we went to the new store. The new store is really nice, I like it.


While Jamie did some work, Quentin napped & I got to knit on a new project I started.
I'm on a chunky yarn kick right now.


Quentin also enjoyed checking out daddy's new office.


After we left, I dropped Jamie back off at his car (which was then ready) and went to get a car was for my car. There was a long line up today (it was a nice day to get a car wash apparently) and I worked even more on the neck warmer during the 30-40 minute wait I had for the car wash.


View from inside the car wash.


Almost clean.

After the car wash, I ran across the street to drop off some dry cleaning and I asked the woman there (who happens to also be a seamstress) if she could fix my bundle me. She told me she'd be able to pry off the broken slider and put on a new one. I told her I couldn't leave the bundle me with her as Quentin needs it for outside, so I'm stopping by there tomorrow and she said it would take a maximum of 15 minutes to fix. I'm quite happy.


Tonight I prepared a healthy meal, some protein, brown rice (starch), and lots of veggies. I try not to eat meat & starch together after 5pm, but we had an early enough dinner today and I've been so good all week, that I allowed myself to have some rice. Tomorrow is weigh in, so we'll see how the diet is going. Hopefully I've lost a bit more.

I leave you tonight with a link to Quentin and his new best friend on Project 365.


Amelah said...

Another new project?! Uh oh - what about Jamie's socks lol

Dinner looks yummy!

g-girl said...

hmm..sorry to hear quentin's weight gain has been so slow. maybe it will speed up soon? i don't know. i am glad you will be able to have someone fix that zipper! dinner looks delish. :)

Bea said...

I clicked the link for the bundle me cause I hadn't seen one before. Wow that thing is awesome. I can totally see how it would be needed up there.