Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1.25.11 :: 212 weeks & 8 weeks

Quentin is 8 weeks old today.


Sean is 212 weeks old today.


I finally got the Tag Reader software downloaded onto my laptop, and we got the audio for Sean's 2 Tag Books he got for his birthday. What a neat toy. They never had such neat learning tools when I was a kid. It's amazing what technology has brought us.

mackiekissface mackiemakeface

Mack is my silly monkey.
He likes being silly and he likes having his picture taken.
He also likes "reviewing" the photos of himself on my camera.

Quentin has been more alert lately and I've been trying to stimulate him more with toys, and shapes and colors. Tonight, we played in front of a mirror for a bit. He was too funny "cooing" at himself.

I turn 30 this year (yikes!) and hubby and I started talking about my party. He won't do it as a surprise because he wants to make sure that everyone I would want there is indeed invited, so he will host something for me, but I have to help him out. I love planning/organizing... it's going to be fun. I just need to find somewhere to have it, etc. Oh, all the details are going to be so much fun (and that's why he married me, as I'm the planner/organizer). Glad he put me in charge. I still have time, my 30th is not until June. I actually am not really ready yet to think about my 30th. I even have my mother already in discussion with me about Quentin's 1st birthday. Are you kidding? He's only 8 weeks old! He was just born... but I guess there is a point, as my grandmother wants to be there, so if I make it a tad earlier than he actual birthday, then my grandmother is willing to go to Florida a week later than usual, (she goes for the winter) so she can be at Quentin's 1st birthday. I think I can handle that... but discussing it now? In January? For November? I'm not ready yet. It's a little too early.

Tonight for dinner I made a pot roast. I kind of winged it today, making it my own recipe. It actually came out quite good. I was impressed. I simply used ingredients we had in the house. I've made many pot roasts in my life, and now I know what works and what doesn't as far as ingredients. I had picked up 2 pot roast meat the other day from the grocery store. It was on sale for a ridiculously cheap price. Thinking about it now, I should have picked up more (to freeze). I have one more frozen in the freezer for next week or the week after - depending on how soon we feel we want to eat it again. I love my slow cooker. Toss in your ingredients, and 6-8 hours later (depending on your recipe) dinner is ready. Some days, it is just perfect. Whomever invented the slow cooker, rocks, in my opinion.


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Ella's birthday is in February, and I still have yet to pick a day for the family dinner! I can sympathize. :) And, I too love my slow cooker!

sapphireblue said...

Pot roast is mom's best friend.

Tara said...

Your mother planning Quentin's 1st birthday party cracks me up, dude :)

g-girl said...

talk about early planning!! maybe so there's less margin of error?

kim said...

I agree about the slow cooker! I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I don't know what I would do without it!!

Amelah said...

It's amazing the technology that is out there today!

Those pictures of Mack are too cute!!

I need to start using my slow cooker ! Blah! LOL