Wednesday, January 05, 2011



Some nights are rough. Those are the nights where Quentin wants to eat every hour all night long. I've been having those nights lately. Why can't he sleep the 4 hours stretches he's been doing during the day time at night? Is that too much to ask for? I also just started making him larger bottles, and he's drinking a bit more at each feeding. Must be a growth spurt.


I got a call from the daycare after nap time this afternoon that Sean has fever. (101.4F or 38.5C). He was given tempra at school just before I came to pick him up. By bedtime it was still the same. He did eat a bit of dinner, but by bedtime he was not himself. I am hoping he sleeps off his fever, and wakes up feeling better in the morning. He doesn't even have a high fever, so that's good. I've seen both him & Mack get fever of almost 104F (40C) before.

Today I picked up a new sterilizer for Quentin's baby bottles. It's the First Years Microwavable Sterilizer. I used this one (First Years All Purpose Steam Sterilizer) with Sean & Mack's bottles, but the plate where you put the water to sterilize, burned. I'm going to try calling First Years tomorrow, and see if I get any help with that. Maybe it's a common defect and they can do something about it? I had already replaced the All Purpose one once for the same reason. I've been getting good help when calling customer service lately, so maybe I'll try that. Can't harm to try.

Now that I'm done with Quentin's Milo (and I have a ton of other baby knits I want to do), Jamie kinda hinted at me last night while we were watching tv that I owed him a pair of socks from Chanukah/Xmas 2009. Yeah... I'm bad. They're over a year late now. My defense, is that I knit so many socks in 2009 (for my designs, etc) that in 2010 I got turned off from sock knitting, and took a break. I did knit one pair of socks in 2010, as a gift, and never told him that I knit those, cuz I should have been working on his socks. I have three quarters of sock 1 knit... so I should get on that. Last night I had him try on the sock to see how much more I need to knit to close to the toe. I've probably got a good 2 inches before starting the toe decreases. I'm so close.


g-girl said...

look at that cute little hand..and those little feet!! that is adorable that jamie reminded you that you owed him a pair of socks. :) i didn't knit many socks in 2010 either but not because I was a sock designing queen the year before. I want to knit more socks this year..we'll see how that goes.

Amelah said...

Little hands & feet! So cute!

Hope Sean feels better! xo