Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday Gifts

I've been meaning to show you some of my lovely birthday gifts that I've received over the last few weeks. My friends rock. They made my 30th birthday extra special.


One of my closest friends got me this cabinet that we saw while we were shopping together at Winners. I eyed it, and then put it back because I wanted it, but didn't absolutely need it. Well, my friend E went back and bought it for me. I love it. I have plans to put yarn and crafty stuff on it, and hang it in my home office. It's awesome. Love it.


From one of my friends J who is also a knitter & crocheter, she got me this awesome pendant that reads "Keep Calm & Knit On". (It's quite similar to this one - which is on sale). Love it! She brought me this pendant on the night of my actual birthday when we met up for some coffee (and actually some stitchin' too! Made sure to squeeze in some knitting time on my actual birthday). She also got me a birthday girl wine glass, and some Mary Kay beauty products too.


With some birthday money, on my actual birthday, I headed to the mall to check out this Lululemon bag. Yes, it is a Yoga bag. However, with 3 kids, I have outgrown my diaper bag. Nothing I had was suitable. I needed something with lots of pockets, space, and room for diapers (actually now - Pull-ups!!) for Mackenzie, and extra underwear (just in case) for Sean, snacks when going out with all 3 kids, etc!) This bag is perfect. Great pockets, lots of space. I've been using it since I bought it on June 16th and love it. It even has room on each side pocket that cab hold 2-3 baby bottles (each side can hold that many) (or as I've been keeping on one side either 1-2 baby bottles and a bottle of sun tan lotion).



After our mail strike was over the mailman brought me this awesome package from Maureen.
Thank you so much for sending me this awesome birthday package.


Each of the kids got some goodies too - toy cars, loonies for their piggy bank, some ring pops, and Quentin got a musical guitar (which was actually making music before we even opened the package, and had a good laugh as to mommy's mail making music. I got some notebooks, note cards, notepads, gum, a tape measure, a candle, a stamp, stamp pad, and some yarn (Sangria & Lakeshore). Thank you so much Maureen - you rock! We love everything.


I also used a gift certificate that I had to pick up some Essie nailpolish. I have never been that big of a nail polish user, but all of a sudden I've been polishing my nails. Love it & these summery colors.

And these are some of the birthday gifts I received. The rest were gift cards and money. (And my beloved iPad which I've already blogged about).


kendylsPlace said...

What great birthday gifts! You are one lucky lady!

Maureen said...

Yay! funny that q's toy was already making noise -- that was not supposed to happen! The yarn is all Michigan made, I hope it knits up awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great gifts !!! It's so fun being pampered :)


Anonymous said...

Great gifts! Love the nail polish colours, Robyn.
Glad you are enjoying your ipad 2. I have last year's model and 2 of my favourite apps are the IMDb app, the weather network app and 2 of my favourite games are Cut the Rope and Plants vs. Zombies (of course I love Angry birds and scrabble, too!).

g-girl said...

love the bag you picked up. great color! great package from maureen too. :) mine will be coming (eventually!).

Amelah said...

Awesome gifts you got this year! Use them well!

Tara said...

Awesome gifts! I'd say you were spoiled, but you totally deserve it :)

Dawn said...

What awesome gifts from loving friends!