Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quentin Part 1


My baby.

My last baby.

You're growing too fast.

Please slow down.

I'm seriously milking him this small for all it's worth. The newborn stage is long gone. I miss that a lot. With Sean & Mackenzie I started to want another baby around the 6 month mark. Well, it's happened. I'd love to try for another baby, hey, maybe even a girl. Though, it's not going to happen. My tubes are tied. Yes, yes, I know, they can be reversed. But Hubby wanted only 2 kids, I wanted 3, I convinced, I won, I'm not going to push my luck. But wouldn't a girl be nice? Ah, I'll keep dreaming. I'm definitely outnumbered in this house.

Oh Quentin! You're now eating most fruits & vegetable. From banana, apples, peaches, blueberries, pineapple, melon(s) the only fruit you haven't tried yet is strawberries. We just haven't had the chance to try any yet, but I've got some frozen in the freezer for you to teeth on soon (with these mesh food feeders, they're fabulous!) He's eating a lot of vegetables too, sweet potato, peas, squash, carrots, you name it. We're just about to start meats. We tried egg yoke this past week and it was a fail. He hated it. First thing he's hated so far. And he hated it with a passion.


I came into Quentin's room one morning not that long ago and found him like this (above). It was quite amusing to find him like this. It's the only time so far that I've found him like this. Not sure entirely what happened, but at least the bar of the crib was between his legs, so he didn't have both legs hanging through one bar. I debated putting up a bumper pad, but figured that if I don't find him like this again, the I won't put up bumpers.


Quentin's quite good at sleeping anywhere, and has been teething on everything. (Still no sight of any teeth though). He keeps drooling and drooling though... so I'm hoping his first tooth makes an appearance soon.


We've been enjoying music in the park with our friends since May. The session is now over and we will have new friends joining us in the fall for some more fun. This group was rather large, we were 16 of us with 16 babies!


We have been hanging out with lots of friends.


And getting in some pool time too.


He's been wearing some knitted goods too. What a great pattern these are.

highchairQ sippyq pooltimeatJs

He's learned how to use a sippy cup, though, he still needs a bit of help with that. He also used the high chair for the first time recently, and has been eating his meals in it ever since.

qmusiclegs superq Qfriendpools

Oh yeah, he mastered sitting! On his own! He can also get into crawling position from sitting, and as well, I caught him go from crawling into almost sitting position just two days ago. I'm thinking he will master that quite soon too. He's just quite crawling yet, but can go backwards. He's up on his hands and knees now, I'm sure he'll be crawling in no time. (And then my life will be over - chasing after him!)


Lastly, for this post, Quentin had his 6 month check-up in mid-June (2 weeks after he turned 6 months old). At his doctor's appointment he was around 15 and half lbs and then when I took him to the CLSC to get weighed on Thursday (a week ago now) he was 16 lbs 1.1 oz (7.29 kg or 7290 grams). He's growing well, and doing well. I barely hear his Laryngomalacia anymore and his stridor has gotten quite quiet, though I do hear it from time to time under certain circumstances.

Stay tuned for Quentin Part 2 tomorrow morning. There were just too many cute photos, that I had to share. I am quite certain that there are way more photos of Quentin right now than Sean or Mack because of my maternity leave. Soaking it all in though, because before I know it, I'll be back to work.


Drea said...

He is so cute! love the crib pic with his legs sticking out :)

Caroline said...

The pictures of his legs sticking out of his crib made me laugh out loud! I'm thinking of putting a bumper in Julien's bed because he always gets his feet stuck between the bars. And he's teething too (a bit early, but I had my first tooth at 4 month + 1 week so it must be genetic).

I wish you didn't have your tubes tied so you could try for #4! Hopefully you'd get a girl, but even if you didn't, you make very cute boys!

Chris - Just Being A Mama said...

I absolutely love the crib photo!!! Was he actually sleeping like that???

g-girl said...

that is a hysterical shot of q's legs sticking out of his crib! that's the first time i've ever seen a baby do that!

Girl Knits said...

Love the legs sticking out image! Too funny. I never used a bumper with my son, never saw the point.

Quentin's really starting to fill out - wow!

Dawn said...

He is getting soooo big! What a cutie!