Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

There's been some growth in our garden in the last little bit. We've been doing a lot of weeding (they just keep growing back those little buggers) and I've been trying to keep the tomato plants pruned as much as possible. We've seen our little bunny friend over the weekend pay us a visit but he quickly left when he remembered that our garden now has a fence around it. Hop along little friend.


Our garden went from green to adding in some red.


And our lettuce has grown and our tomato plants are getting a lot bigger.


Our first Caesar salad from our garden with Romaine was July 4th, 2011.
It was delicious.


The zucchini plants (along wall) have gone from small little plants to larger plants (see below).


And there are actual zucchinis on the plant already.


And our 3 kinds of cucumber plants are growing.
(We have 6 plants in total x 2 of each kind).


And we can even see some started cucumbers. I can't wait to eat them!


Yesterday, we picked some tomatoes. Haven't eaten them yet, but they look delicious, don't they?

Are you growing a garden? What's in your garden? How does your garden grow?


sapphireblue said...

Nice! Those veggies look yummy. We didn't do a garden this year, but maybe next year.

g-girl said...

ooh exciting! did you plant anything different this year?

Zonda said...

Some beautiful and yummy looking veggies there!! No garden this year, but hoping I can grow a bit next summer.

Amelah said...

No Garden for me (only flowers). Hopes a lovely older sister will donate some things from her garden ;)

Tara said...

My garden is slowly starting to show some signs of life, heh :) Hey, it's my first time growing a "real" garden, so I'll take whatever I can get! Must blog the progress soon.

Dawn said...

Wow, lovely tomatoes you have there! We haven't had enough heat or sun for our tomatoes to be doing anything. We have tons of raspberries, and some strawberries too.