Friday, July 01, 2011

To Knit & Crochet


I've been doing some knitting & crochet lately. I managed to finish Sean's Wyatt last night (June 30th). I cast off while Jamie and I watched episode 1 of season 1 of Fringe - a new show we were told to catch up on. Season 4 will start this September, and maybe we'll be able to catch up on the 1 hour show. (The premiere was 2 hours though).


Sean "tried it on" for me the other day while I was still working on the back. It needs to be blocked (hope to get on that over this weekend), but it looks like with some blocking it might just fit him. I knit the 5t/6t size, but the sizing on this sweater was odd to begin with (and I think I'll have to re-knit Quentin the next size up and the NB-9 month size I'm sure won't fit him anymore by the time I'm done Mackenzie's Wyatt (which after a short break, I'll start working on - I need a break though).


So to take a break from Wyatt, (as repeat knits in the same exact color can be a tad torturous, as much as it'll be cute for each of my boys to have the exact same sweater (providing the sizing works out), I started a Granny Star Ripple Afghan. So far, the pattern is quite easy to understand (I'm still beginner-to-intermediate on reading crochet patterns, I'd say) and it's coming out great. I've already done about 7 rounds (using Cascade 220 Superwash in 2 different colors), about to start my 8th while we watch some more episodes of Fringe.



sapphireblue said...

Those kids just grow out of stuff before you can finish it. Sheesh!!

g-girl said...

the start to your granny star afghan is pretty. :) what other colors will you use? oh fringe is SO good! i missed most of season 2 and part of season 3.

Kerry said...

Love that blue and yellow together! Sean looks quite pleased with his sweater. At least you know if it doesn't fit him you can pass it down to Mack. Wish I had that going for me here sometimes. LOL

Maureen said...

I envy your crochet skills. I need to learn to a) read crochet patterns and b) join for working in the round.

That is a cute afghan pattern, and I love the Wyatts! (I love the idea of them each having the same sweater too - what a nice family photo that will make!)

Tara said...

Ooh, I really like your crochet project. Is it going to be in blocks/squares/whatever? Or done in one big piece? And way to go, jumping on the Fringe bandwagon! We've watched it from the very beginning, and really enjoy it.

Sandra said...

I'm thinking that Sean's Wyatt should actually be Mack's, and you should go bigger for Sean - think of the growth spurts over the summer!

Jennifer said...

Tara's smart- even though it might fit after blocking, if you give that one to Mack you can make a new one for Sean that will last longer.

That crochet blanket is going to be gorgeous.

PS Fringe is AWESOME. We loves it.

Anonymous said...

liking your granny star afghan Robyn .. i would maybe also give Sean's Wyatt to Mackenzie and knit him another in a larger size .. kids do tend to grow an inch or two over the summer months .. hubby likes Fringe but i just got into True Blood over the weekend and am hooked .. starting Season 2 tomorrow .. lol !!!


Dawn said...

Love the colors of that afghan! Sean sure looks cute modeling his Wyatt...what a lovely smile!

Girl Knits said...

Can't wait to see how the afghan turns out. Sean looks super happy modeling the sweater. Can't wait to see how it comes out fitting him after blocked.