Saturday, July 30, 2011

Teething to Tooth


There's been some major teething going on around our house...


Eating high chairs, sucking on cold wash cloths, putting all toys in his mouth....


And then this past Tuesday morning, there was a sighting of one point of the tip of a tooth-to-be. This was very exciting! Almost 8 months old (actually, 8 months old today - but this was Tuesday), and he's finally about to cut his first tooth!


And by Thursday, the tooth was making itself shown. (See inside white circle, it's there!) Yesterday, I was actually able to feel the entire top of the tooth. I hope to get some more shots as his very first tooth grows! Stay tuned for another update soon!


g-girl said...

wow, exciting!

sapphireblue said...

I hope he hasn't been crabby or feverish. That's cool that you were able to snap a close up.

Girl Knits said...

Baby teeth! That's awesome! It's coming! Is his tooth in now? Any more show up? So cute.