Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Field Trip


On Friday Sean & I took a school bus with his class to visit the Montreal Biodome.


We had a great time.


Sean loves the penguins, just like I do. (My fave part!)




We had fun exploring & discovering new things.


It was a perfect day!

While we were in one of the rooms, Sean notices a bird standing on one leg and turns to me and says "Mommy, the bird has a broken leg." So I turned back to him and said "No Sean, his leg isn't broken, he's just standing on one leg, it's what some birds do". He looks at me and says "If the bird's legs aren't broken, and he can stand on both of them, can the man with the broken eyes see when he takes off his sunglasses?"

I.almost.peed.my.pants.of.laughter. (Because it was too cute).

You see, a long time ago, Sean was watching an episode of Sesame Street with Stevie Wonder. He turned to me and asked why he was wearing sunglasses indoors. I told him that Stevie Wonder was blind and he couldn't see so he wears sunglasses so people don't see his eyes. So, from that point on, when that episode would come on, he'd call Stevie Wonder, the man with the "broken" eyes.

Gosh, is he smart the way he thinks sometimes.


Amelah said...

LOL!! too funny! Great pictures, looks like it was a fun day! I want to go one of these days! So much to go see!

g-girl said...

the biodome looks like an awesome place! as my newly retired boss would say that's his schema (sean's). she'd get a kick out of this story. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the way Sean made the connection between the broken legs and eyes.

Would you believe that I didn't have a clue that the Biodome had all that? I've seen the sign many times driving through Montreal, but had no idea. Looks like a great field trip. And a trip I'm going to have to make!


Tara said...

Hey, what's that kid in the background of Mackie's microscope picture doing? ;)

Girl Knits said...

Wow, the Biodome! Brings back memories. Last time I wa there, was years ago. I'll have to bring my son there one day. Penguins are my fave part too. Looks like Sean had a great time.

Dawn said...

Love the things kids come up with! I would have died laughing too!