Wednesday, July 06, 2011



There is one thing that I cannot stand/tolerate as a parent. I am sure a lot of you are the exact same way too. It's the one lonely thing. Vomit. Yes, puke, upchuck or whatever you want to call it. It's the one thing that I have no stomach for.

Hubby was sick last night in the middle of the night. I had no idea until he told me in the morning that he wasn't feeling well. I would never have known if he wouldn't have told me.

When the boys woke up this morning, they came into my room, as they do on most mornings. Everything seemed fine & dandy. Mack's face had "dirt" on it, but I used a wipe and cleaned his face. When Quentin woke up, I went to his room to get him and got a whiff of something horrible. Nope, not in the baby's room. No dirty diaper (except the usual pee bomb of a diaper the morning brings). Told the hubby that I think I still smelled his middle of the night illness, but it was in the hallway, how odd. He went to the kitchen to get something and when he returned, he said the same thing.

And then, I discovered what it was. I went to the boys' room to get their change of clothing for the day. I walked into their room and immediately saw Mack's bed and had to walk back out. Mack was sick too - and vomited in his bed. Sigh.

So the "dirt" on Mack's face wasn't "dirt" after all. It was maybe last night's dinner?


I had to put Vicks Vaporub up my nose by the chunks, and wore a bandanna over my nose/mouth and grab my rubber gloves, in order to go back into the boys room. (The Vicks thing, actually worked, all I smelled with the menthol scent from the Vicks). I quickly stripped Mack's bed and ran to the laundry room and shove everything into the washing machine. I febreezed the boys' room as we weren't home today and I didn't want to leave the windows open. It took 3 times in the washing machine to clean his sheets, comforter and whatever else was in his bed. One book got ruined, as it was in his bed and made it in to the wash. Oops.

Mack seemed fine enough to not tell us his was sick. Not even sure if he was sick in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. Jamie thinks that it might have been something that he & Mack ate yesterday. Sean & I were both fine. Not too sure what happened there. Mack was fine during his morning swimming lessons & was fine enough to go see a movie this afternoon (I treated the boys to a movie - more about that tomorrow).

So yes, there you have it. The one thing that I cannot tolerate as a parent. It's the one part of parenting I dread. I'll take all the poopy diapers in the world (not all at once, okay?), over vomit. Any day. Another reason why we won't be getting a dog, ever. I can deal with poop in a diaper, but cannot for the life of me clean it up off the ground. Same reaction as my child being sick in his bed. And if we ever get a dog, it won't be me cleaning up after it goes to the bathroom.

Not for me. No thank you. The joys of motherhood.


Dawn said...

Fun times eh?! Josiah, my youngest, was sick with the flu last week ugh! I'm not so squeamish with the vomit, but for some reason I get totally creeped out by the urine that splashes around when my boys pee. I make them clean it up lol.

Kerry said...

Yuck! There's nothing worse than the pukies. Hope Mack and the hub are both doing better. Sure sounds like a touch of food poisoning. Sorry you're the one who had to clean it up. The joys of motherhood!

Can't wait to hear what movie you saw!

Maureen said...

Hope Jamie is feeling okay, and I hope Mack was just a fluke.

I hear you with the limits. I think I had baptism by fire with the puke thing, so it doesn't bother me. (Evie got a stomach bug when she was about 16 months old or so, and the vomiting scared her so bad she'd grab me, cuddle in my neck, then puke all over the both of us. It was pretty awful but I felt terrible for her so it superseded my uncomfortableness)

Caroline said...

I haven't dealt with vomit yet but I'm dreading it. I hate hate hate it, it makes me want to vomit myself!

I also have no problems with poopy diapers, I even use cloth diapers, but the smell of vomit is too much.

Chris - Just Being A Mama said...

Same here last summer when I was prego... Al woke me up in the middle of the night saying 'I think one of the boys was sick'... YOU THINK??? It was EVERYWHERE! Walls, under the bed, even in the night table drawers! Anything that couldn't go in the washer (books, toys, trinkets) went in the garbage! I also wore a mask with rubber gloves, gagging every 5 seconds - next time I'll try the Vicks!
I'm also ok with poopy diapers, but I don't do vomit! Little people, big people, animal... none of it! Oh the joys of parenting...

sapphireblue said...

Ugh! Hopefully, they passed whatever it is they had. Poor things.

I remember my daughter was 4 and said she wasn't feeling good. She thrown up in her bed. I was half asleep and didn't catch on. She asked if she could lay down with me, and I said yes, again, half asleep. Well, then she puked in my bed. Ugh! That smell!! Turned out it was a stomach bug and we all got it eventually.

Sandra said...

Right there with you. I can't handle it - the sound, the smell, the sight. Thankfully, my husband can deal with it, and now, the boy is old enough to get to the bathroom quickly.

kristo said...

I feel your pain! I also feel bad for Sean! Poor kid had to sleep in a room with barf smell? Rough.

Girl Knits said...

OMG - I'm the same exact way. I love my son, but I cannot stand cleaning up after him when he's sick. (Glad we're out of the diaper phase too though, but diapers were never an issue for me either).

g-girl said...

lol. for me, just as a person in general, i can't tolerate puke. i may not be a parent yet but i do have my own puke experiences. i should probably keep some vicks at school!