Friday, July 15, 2011

Quentin Part 2

So you came back to see photos of Quentin... I know it. I can't resist this cutie, either..!

cuteasleep asleepoutside angelsleep

Quentin will seriously sleep anywhere. He took a snooze in the park (above).

anotherschrinch bubbieq cutieqsippy

He has spent some time with his great-grandmother, and has been doing this most adorable scrunched up face with a huge smile (which is unbelievably adorable seeing as though he still has no teeth). Makes me want to eat him up!

emrqswim qmenewswim

Our next swimming session has started and a bunch of our friends are taking the class with us. I've been taking some pictures in the water, so I have to dump those from my waterproof camera (new toy!) to my PC, so I'll get those photos on my blog as soon as I have a minute.


The weather has been unbelievable gorgeous lately, so we've been spending as much time as possible in the pool with friends. Our playgroups have been held now weekly in the pool. Ah, summer joy. Bliss.


My cool dude. Look at that attitude in his face & the spiky hair! Love it.

gummysmile mummum1st

Quentin's tried Mum Mums too lately and loves them. It's his first non-pureed food item that he had tried. He's had all 3 flavors now and just loves them. They are very messy though, which is no fun at all.

eatingfood nomnom

Quentin's quite the good eater, and has been trying everything. I plan to start some meats with him this weekend, I'm quite certain he's going to love eating meat. (And seriously, these Munchkin Feeding Bags are the best invention ever... took me to the 3rd kid to discover them).


I just realized that most of Quentin's friends are boys. It seems most people (except a handful) have been having boys. We do have a few friends with baby girls, but they're rare. Must be something in the water, eh? That's okay though, boys rock!

schrinchface spikesQ Qsillyface

Quentin's quite silly. I love it. There's that scrunched up face again...! Too freakin' cute, if you ask me! He's still quite the king of faces!

Quentin has turned 28, 29, 30, 7 months old, 31, and 32 weeks old recently. It truly is going quite too fast for my liking. I really am trying to soak in ever moment and enjoy everything. I'm having a blast on my maternity leave, and truly don't want it to end. Wouldn't it be nice if the government paid you to stay home with your children until they went off to Kindergarten? Eh.. I can dream, right?


jacquelyn said...

It does go so fast doesn't it?! My "baby" is 13, and is now taller than I am. He is the biggest joy in my life. Be warned though... boys EAT... and EAT... and EAT! ;)
Half of my food budget goes to feeding my son!
Your boys are so precious. Thanks for sharing them with all of us!

g-girl said...

haha. he makes the best faces!!

Girl Knits said...

He's delicious Robyn. Love the scrunched up nose/toothless smile.

Dawn said...

The spiky hair is so cute! There's nothing more precious than a sleeping child!