Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- This coffee mug is awesome.
- One day when my brother gets married, he totally has to pull off this shot. (He's a superhero fan)
- I love this image.
- This stuffed green pepper recipe sounds so yummy!
- This blanket is inspiring colorwise. I need to get a kick start again on my babette v.1, v.2 & v.3.
- This onesie is hysterical!
- These shoes are GORGEOUS!
- What a cutie!
- What a cute teacher appreciation gift.
- I don't know what on earth you do with these, but they're cute little people.
- Aren't these triplets adorable? I got this hat for Quentin, he's finally fitting in it now, but it's hot summer now. I can't wait for him to wear it in the fall. It's from this exact shop, she's a wonderful seller!
- I love this bracelet!
- Love this hop scotch rug tutorial.
- This growth chart is awesome.
- I love the idea to use garden baskets for toy storage.
- Awesome cutting board!
- This homemade sprinkler system is really neat. Fun for the kids to play in!
- This tire garden is fun!
- This looks so peaceful, for the backyard.
- What a cute gift idea.
- Love this colorful image.
- Caterpillar hotdogs!
- Recipe for balsamic vinaigrette.
- These button cards look simple to make.
- These pillow case mats are awesome. It's five pillow cases sewn together, with inserted pillows.
- I wish I had more time to journal pen & paper style.
- I love this headband.
- Love this nightstand!
- Gotta remember this Valentine idea for February 2012.
- Love this image.
- Sometimes we just need a reminder.
- This bike rack is awesome!
- This article on Ravelry is awesome.
- Great for a Halloween party!
- I am not a wedding photographer, but this image is adorable. What a cute idea.
- Built-in Wall Extension Cord : Truly genius! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before.
- Laundry today or naked tomorrow.
- Love this chevron necklace - bet could make it.


Maureen said...

Oh I LOVE the valentine butterflies! I bookmarked it and will make those for Evie's class - SO CUTE! Better than the boxed cards by a mile!

Tiffany Yang said...

Thank you so much for including my hot dog caterpillar! Have a nice week ^.^

Anonymous said...

Robyn, your Monday links are something I really look forward to - well done! I really love those butterfly valentine's, too - hope I can remember.


g-girl said...

haha. the groomsmen superhero tees are great. love the bridesmaid dresses too! that blanket is amazing! the onesie made me laugh out loud hysterically! that cutting board was cool. like the garden basket idea. the link for the balsamic vinaigrette didn't work. try this one: . the garden is very cool. love the shark costume! love the nightstand too! i'm telling you, you will one day become a wedding photographer. lol. ;)

kristin @ preschool daze said...

thank you for the mention. : )

glad to have found you!

Ammerins said...

I had half expected my hubby to do the Batman thing on our wedding day ;) But he only flexed his Batman tattoo later on that night, lol...

Girl Knits said...

I adore your monday morning link love. Please keep doing them!

kim said...

i love your links. you find some of the coolest stuff!