Thursday, July 07, 2011

Reading, Watching & Shipping

I've seen a few movies lately. I watched The Dilemma with Kevin James and Vince Vaughn. I thought it was really cute. I hadn't seen Winona Ryder in a movies in forever, and was shocked to see her in a movie, actually. But looking at her recent movie list, she hasn't done anything too special. Very cute movie, but nothing I'd watch again. I watched A Dog Year with Jeff Bridges. It was a little bit slow which was fine because it was short, and at least it was cute. I've also watched the movie How do you Know with Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson. It was also really cute, and a chick flick, which is why I watched it without Jamie. Another movie I watched was The Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. It was also really cute and I enjoyed it. Lastly, yesterday, I took the boys to go see Cars 2. While I've heard some people say it was "So violent" and there were loads of guns, my boys weren't bothered by the two scenes with guns and it was not that violent at all. I guess the people that say that, are just sheltering their children if they are freaked out while watching Cars 2. In my opinion it wasn't bad at all. The issue I had was getting both boys to sit in their seats for the entire 106 minutes. We had a nice afternoon out with my mother who joined us.

I am now more than half way through Stay by Allie Larkin on audiobook. I am almost done disc 6 of 8. I'm really enjoying the story, it's really cute. On the book note, I finished reading Husband and Wife by Leah Stewart a few nights ago. I really enjoyed Leah Stewart's writing style, however the book was a little depressing rather than a cheery fun chick lit - which I usually love to read. You're also kind of left at the end of the book trying to figure out what exactly is the decision that is made, and I hate feeling like the book didn't end properly after finishing up a book. I was recommended this book by a local author (whom I've read both her books) but was disappointed that this book wasn't the type of "mood" I was looking for. However, once I started it, I wanted to know what happened next, which is why I stuck it out and read it. Maybe that's also why it took me from April 25th until July 5th to read the book. I now started reading Rebecca Eckler's book The Lucky Sperm Club, which I borrowed from the library. So far, I'm about 2 chapters in, and it's okay. Looks like a light read. The reviews so far on Goodreads aren't that great - but I like Rebecca Eckler's work (loved Knocked Up, Wiped, and Toddler's Gone Wild). I am willing to give The Lucky Sperm Club a chance, especially since it's from the library.

Jamie and I are now a handful of episodes into Fringe and loving it. It's a tad (ok, a lot) far fetched, but it's keeping us entertained. We keep going to bed saying we wished we had time for just one more episode to see what happens next. We had finished watching Chicago Code season 1, to were disappointed to discover that the show got canceled for the fall. It's too bad. We still have a few episodes of the latest season of How I Met your Mother to finish up, but we have until the season starts in September to get that finished. And tonight, Season 13 of Big Brother is starting - who's watching!? I am!

And recalls! Wow, there have been recalls lately. Not only was our stroller "recalled" (we got the part to fix it), but now a sling that I used with Mackenzie was recalled. I never used this sling with Quentin, but went to go sell it on Craigslist and someone told me it was recalled, so I cut the part off that the company asked for and chose my replacement package (Light & Sound Activity Package) for Quentin. It was sent via FedEx last week and I hope to get my replacement package soon. Then, I read in one of my parenting magazines that our Oball toy was recalled. What's next? Anything else will be recalled?? For the sling recall, the company gave me a FedEx shipping label but I had to go out of my way to FedEx to drop it off, and for Oball, according to their 1-888 number, I have to mail it back and they will reimburse me for the toy + my shipping. I should get on that. Too bad, it was a really cute toy. We even have the larger size ball.


sapphireblue said...

I will watch Big Brother. I hope they don't have another dumb girl with giant fake boobs. Oh well, it gets the audience they want.

Girl Knits said...

I watch BB too! I am not liking the fact that Rachel is back on! That laugh KILLS me! We'll see if I continue to watch it.

Thanks for the book suggestions, will go check those out. I like your reading style, it's quite similar to mine.

g-girl said...

boy you've been busy!! i'll have to look into the dilemma. i had heard mixed reviews about it.