Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- This wrapping paper is awesome!
- I love this photo - she's adorable.
- I love this image!
- I love this dresser with suitcase drawers!
- What a neat idea for learning to spell!
- These lootbags are awesome!
- Love this tutorial to make your own ottoman.
- Love this bored board.
- Beautiful bubble.
- This is precious. I love Kelley Ryden's work.
- The boys would FLIP out for one of these water hockey rink games.
- It's just so cute!
- What a great way to hide booze (or other things) from the kids.
- Uhm, yes please!
- These are awesome. (Consists of apples, marshmallows & peanut butter, Recipe from here).
- Love this Blanket Lollipop gift tutorial.
- This Rubix Cube Cake is awesome.
- I love this idea for a book stand.
- I love this 30th birthday gift idea.
- These cupcakes are awesome.
- This is awesome for avocados, anyone know where to get one?
- This bath plug is nifty!
- Love this bubble refill station.
- Umbrella cheese! (And how cute is this?)
- Wow, what a neat cake. Maybe I can try this to top Mack's 2nd birthday cake.
- I love these double sided fabric headbands.
- Have you seen these Safety Tats? What a GENIUS idea! Great for going to the zoo or museum or anywhere where lots of people might be. You can scan the tattoo with a smart phone to locate the child's parents. Whoever invented this product is smart.
- Love the rainbow I caught in the house.
- Love this Etsy shop. I wish Quentin would be newborn (or that I was having more babies) so I could pick up some of these tie ones, they're sooo cute! Great for photographs.
- This image I took on Friday at the Montreal Biodome.
- This necklace is super cute.
- Love this baby blocks tutorial.
- I need to make myself a lens cap pouch for my camera. What a great idea!
- How to hem your jeans.
- What a great tutorial for up-cycling t-shirts into bibs!
- What an awesome ring pincushion!
- What a great idea for a picture frame.
- What an awesome clock!
- Battery storage - why didn't I think of this sooner?


Maureen said...

Your Monday Link Love entries always make me smile. :)

kendylsPlace said...

I always love your Monday morning link love!

Anonymous said...

Great links today Robyn! Love the headband and the jean hem...being a short gal I think that will come in very handy ;)

Mitali Ruths said...

I like that clock. Where can I buy it? I'm such a word rather than number person.

g-girl said...

oh my gosh. i love that wrapping paper too! the duplo idea is awesome! i've seen it done with other things (like blocks). that bubble doesn't even look real! love the kelley ryden's photos! the mouths crack me up. ooh, found this link: for that avocado thing. cute bath plug. love the umbrella cheeses! that bubble refill station is genius! love the fabric headbands. leave it to martha to come up with those sheep cupcakes! love that cake too!