Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

-Love this pop tab picture hanging idea.
- Want heart shape cup cakes? A marble will do the trick.
- Such a beautiful image.
- Love this jersey headband.
- What neat ideas to do with old cards & letters.
- Love this button calendar tutorial.
- Awesome button craft.
- Love the light in this image.
- Button monogram!
- Just because.
- Baseball cupcake recipe.
- This photo craft is fun - I wonder if you can use a wipe marker and change up what you write?
- Candyland cake!
- 52 reasons why I love you.
- Love this button necklace. I've got a thing for buttons lately.
- What a neat way to organize your stuff.
- Hungry caterpillar sandwich!
- This bookshelf is awesome!
- Love this camera from this craft tutorial.
- What a cute idea for tan lines!
- What a great free pattern - too bad I don't have any girls to knit for.
- A fun ring (pipe cleaner) tutorial.
- A fun scavenger hunt to do with the kids!
- Spice rack (from Ikea) book shelves - what a neat idea!
- Love these birth announcement posters for the kids rooms.
- Henri's French Onion Soup recipe. (Onion soup is by fave my fave soup).
- Freezer meal ideas. Freezer meal tips for dummies. And freezer meal recipe list.
- These Coraline Cookies are awesome.
- 3 boys and a girl. If my tubes weren't tied, would I have a girl after 3 boys?
- Happiest picture ever.
- Since I don't have a daughter, I'll have to do this one day with a granddaughter. One of my 3 boys will have to give me a granddaughter, right?
- What a neat iphone case. One day - when I get my iphone, I want one.
- This cake is awesome. (Thinking about what to do for Quentin's 1st birthday in a few months).
- Be yourself.
- This onesie is hysterical!
- Looks like heaven.
- I love the face pillows from Vintage Jane.
- Thinks it's awesome there is a Star Wars Craft Book. Must check it out.
- These recycled crayons are awesome too.
- Remember skip it? This new toy for kids looks awesome.
- Loving NieNie's photo of her family.
- Lovin' some oldies.
- Love love love this tree of cups.


Kimber said...

I love the links - you find the neatest things!

Anonymous said...

as usual I am loving your links today, Robyn. I am feeling inspired thanks to you!

g-girl said...

a marble is all it takes, huh? will have to try that out! :) love that image with the heart bokeh. :) that headband is absolutely adorable! wow, that button calendar is so cool! hey you never know, all your grandkids just might be girls. ;) that caterpillar cake is awesome. hey, we have some of those skip its at school! ours don't have the counter though.

kim said...

love the button necklace. I have a thing for buttons too, my mil just gave me three huge jars of old buttons, I'm in heaven!