Friday, July 22, 2011

Surround Yourself


The other night I got "dressed up" (à la summer style) and picked up a friend.
(I love my new shirt!)


We met up with 3 other ladies (so we were 5 in total) and went out for ladies night. Is it just me, or are "legal" girls (here legal age is 18), looking more and more like 12 year olds these days? I swear everyone at the bar/pub (whatever you want to call it) looked 12. And since when are martinis 10$ at a pub? I expect that at a club, but at a bar? I stuck to a "sex on the beach" and then vodka & (diet) coke once it was 10 pm and it was ladies night as they were 2$ drinks for simple drinks like vodka & coke, gin & 7up, etc. We had fun dancing on the "dance floor" and screaming to each other across the table, as the music after 10 pm got so loud. I'm quite certain I came home screaming instead of talking, and it was after midnight. But we had fun, and it was just so nice to be out without any kids for a change.


Every person needs to surround themselves with a great group of people and have fun. I'm so blessed to have a fantastic group of girlfriends. We all have babies within days of each other (Quentin is the oldest in this group (Nov 30th) and the youngest is Dec 24th. Between us we have 4 boys and 1 girl. Something in the water?). I see these girls a few times a week, (playgroup, swimming lessons, baby aqua, music (which is currently over but starting up again soon) sometimes we go to the movies, the mall, out for lunch, hanging at each others houses). We'd be so bored on maternity leave without each other. We laugh, we joke, we have a good time. Good girlfriends are a unique bunch. I'm so proud to call these ladies my friends. And I hope our kids are friends for years to come too. Too bad they all won't end up in daycare or school together, some of us don't live in the same neighborhood for that to happen.


Jules said...

I agree girl time is soooo important - my favorite thing is a long dinner and lots of wine at a great restaurant. Makes me feel human again!

And so funny that you all have boys - my yoga mama group (we all did prenatal together) is like 6 girls and one boy, all born between January and March. And none of us knew each other before yoga, so it can't be the communal water!!!

Girl Knits said...

You look smokin' mama! Have you lost even more weight? Looks like you have girl!

Seems like you have a nice circle of good girlfriends! Girl friends are the best. As long as you have a handful you can count on, that's all that matters. And even better they all have babies around your son's age.

You look great with your hair down. Wear it down more often! You always have it tied up.

g-girl said...

I agree with girl knits, you look nice with your hair down and you should wear it down more often but i do understand the need to have it up all the time! i hadn't realized how long your hair was getting too. looks like you all had a great time. and yes, everyone DOES look 12 even the guys!! lol.

Chris - Just Being A Mama said...

Looking good girlfriend!!! It's so important for us moms to be just us once in a while... not wife, mom, driver, cleaner, cook... just 'me'! And of course it feels even better when we look great!

sapphireblue said...

Nice! Looks like great fun!

Dawn said...

Cute shirt! I think as we become more mature (not older mind you) that the girls look younger and younger ;)

Tara said...

Getting caught up on your blog today :) You're looking mighty fine, Robyn! And I agree, having girlfriends is the best.