Monday, July 04, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- I love this plaque.
- Love this tutorial on DIY bathtub soap crayons.
- Love this hibernation station.
- I love this free wish card.
- Love this tag stamp!
- Love this wooden toy camera. This is neat too.
- Love this fruit skewer.
- Love this image. Kiss!
- Love this image.
- Love these caterpillar cupcakes.
- Totally want an iphone for one of these cases!
- I love these coke glasses!
- These lunch bags made me laugh! I love it! Genius.
- I love these like/dislike stamps!
- Love this lattice lacing tutorial.
- Love these knit stools!
- What a neat way to display cupcakes.
- I love this image!
- I love this scrappy felt ipad cover tutorial.
- I love this earring holder tutorial.
- I love this image, even though I hate balloons.
- LOVE this quote.
- Love this sandwich sub.
- Love this hair do.
- Love this patchwork puzzleball tutorial.
- Love this cute as a button framed art tutorial.


Chris - Just Being A Mama said...

Those lunch bags are the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!!! Although I'd be afraid someone would just toss my lunch in the trash! A good April fools joke for the kids' lunch next year!

Jennifer said...

Trying to catch up on your blog today. :)

Those lunch bags are hysterical, I love that Dr. Seuss quote, and that cupcake caterpillar is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Always look forward to reading your love links, Robyn :) I can't believe though why you would hate balloons .....


Mitali Ruths said...

I want one of those wooden iPhone cases. Are they sold on etsy?

Girl Knits said...

Love your link loves. I love that you do them on Monday mornings now. Gives me something to have my morning cup of coffee too, really!

Love the earring holder tutorial, got to make myself one. I think that'll be my next project.

g-girl said...

interesting, glycerine soap for the bathtub soap crayons! love the hibernation station-i want one for myself. :) very cool wooden toy camera. love the caterpillar cupcakes. ooh, saw that iphone case already and totally thought of you! the scrappy felt ipad cover is very cool (do you think you will make one for yours?) very nice earring holder!