Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Thoughtful Gardener


I (still) have a ridiculous amount of gift cards to Chapters. The other day, while there with a friend, I realized they sell other stuff besides books, music, movies, kids' toys. They also sell random stuff. While there, I saw this gardening set, and I actually needed a new set. That was fine, but what was even better, it was 75% off. I picked up a few books as well, and I still have gift cards left over. I love my new gardening set though.


The fork reads "Reap what you sow".


And the shovel reads "Despite the Gardener's Best Intentions, Nature will Improvise".



sapphireblue said...

Very cute! Even better when it's on clearance.

Chris - Just Being A Mama said...

You gotta love when things are on clearance!!!

g-girl said...

very nice new gardening tools!

Girl Knits said...

Love these. Did they have any left? I need a gift for my MIL. (She's a gardener)