Sunday, March 08, 2009

march eight :: 114 weeks old

Sean is 114 weeks old today.

And as usual, he's getting harder and harder to keep still for a photograph!

This afternoon Jamie's mom & her wife came over to visit for a bit. We don't see them often, so I'm glad that they got the opportunity to see the boys. It was a short visit as this evening we headed over to my parents house for my father's birthday dinner. His actual birthday is today, so we had a dinner at my parents house. Happy Birthday dad! For the man who is impossible to shop for (buys what he wants when he wants) we got him a subscription to Popular Science magazine, since he likes that one! Seriously, we're running out of ideas!

Mack has started to take interest in Bosco, my parent's Great Dane. Bosco is really good with babies, and loves Sean, so we are starting to introduce Mack to him. Mack liked Bosco. And Bosco was really good around Mack. It's amazing the size of the dog next to an almost 9 month old baby!

I am having a Spring Cleaning/Spring Break sale and the hot sale item of the day is Zen Yarn Garden Bling Yarn! There is currently 11 colors in stock!

Now for some knitting related content - FINALLY! I introduce to you the February Sock Club pattern that I designed - called Amelah.

The yarn is handpainted by Sweet Paprika, who are locals to me. They're stuff is yummy & deliciously soft. This colorway is called Secret Garden. I just love how it knits up. I want to thank my sister Amy for test knitting this pattern for me!

I shall have more knitting related items this week.

Cute kid thing of the day: Sean calls Oranges "Ornage".... it's so cute coming out of this mouth. Ahhh... one day he'll get it right, but for now, I smile at it's cuteness!


Andrea said...

Oh Wow! I love your sock pattern! Makes me regret not getting February's kit!

Kerry said...

Love the picture of you and Sean at the top! Too cute!!!

And the sock pattern is awesome!!! I'm sure it'll be incredibly well received!

Tara said...

Aw, you named if after your sister! How cute! But, um... shouldn't the yarn have been blue? lol

dawn said...

Love the pictures of you and sean. Freaking adorable. The green yarn and sock pattern are gorgeous. Guess I should have joined the club earlier. I'm sure I won't be disappointed though :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute sock! Looks fun to knit and comfy to wear. I love that you named it after Amy. But yes- I agree with Tara...should have been blue!

Bea said...

Cute Sock!

Amelah said...

Your very welcome for test knitting! Thanks for naming it after me :)

Glad we had an idea for Dad's gift, we are screwed for next year lol!!!!

Happy the picture of Sean turned out! That kids is FULL of beans!!!

Shows people i can knit stuf that aren't blue, eh!?

Anonymous said...

The size of this dog is unbelievable.
And the frog-pictures turned out great!

g-girl said...

bosco and mack! cute. :) your latest sock pattern is cool. love the colorway too!