Wednesday, March 25, 2009

march twenty-five

Are you a plastic, metal or bamboo blocking pin user? I've got all three in my knitting supplies, and I seem to prefer the bamboo! The bamboos are from my shop (though currently out of stock). The metal ones are pretty good too, but the plastic ones, which I believe I picked up on liquidation at Walmart a long time ago, seem to bend when I try to put them into my foam blocking boards. I've chucked a bunch in the garbage because they got ruined from bending. Just curious what your preference is, if you have one??

This morning after I dropped Sean off at daycare I ran to the nutritionists office to get weighed in. I'm not talking about my check-in's this week really because Aunt Flo' is visiting shortly and well, she likes to leave me with some bloating and well, it's normal, but the scale will go up. Though, whatever I'd gained on Monday I've almost lost all of it, so I'm still about the same as a week ago. I'm hoping on Friday there's at least some inches lost.... since this week there won't be any weight loss, I don't think. My nutritionist says that I should be happy that I didn't gain 4lbs + as some girls do the week before their visitor comes. Wow... 4 lbs. That would drive me nuts. Thank goodness my body doesn't behave that way! I need to talk to my nutritionist about Pesach (Passover) and how that will be manageable. Pesach is the 2nd week of April (around the same time as Easter). And what's worse, is that the same week of Pesach (which is Wednesday/Thursday the 8th/9th for 8 days), that weekend is Easter, and we have a huge Easter party at Jamie's step-aunt & step-uncle's house on the Saturday of Easter weekend. The Wednesday night of Passover we're with my parents and Thursday we're actually going to see Jamie's dad's brother's family. Very excited to finally meet little Hannah-Rose, whom I knit the Meathead hat for, as well as Boheme. (She was born mid-November and will be almost 5 months old around Pesach). Anyhow, the week of Pesach & Easter is going to KILL me. I swear, I just have to be ├╝ber good, and just watch everyone else eat. (And the secretly go home and want (WANT) to shove my face with food. Take out cucumbers from the fridge and pretend they're potato chips or ice cream - how pathetic, I've actually done that)... doesn't really hit the spot, but I love cucumbers. I really do. They're my fave vegetable.

After getting home from the nutritionist, Mack was fast asleep, so I let him sleep in the bucket in the house by the garage door, while I used the treadmill. I can see the landing by the garage door from the treadmill, but Mack was clearly out cold. I quickly showered, just had enough time to hop into a shower before getting picked up by my mother. Mack woke up just as my mother showed up. Talk about good timing.

I went to go see the movie Duplicity with my mom, and as well Jenn was there with her mother (my aunt) & son Henri. The movie was one that you had to really pay attention to, and was enjoyable. My ticket was for free because I had enough Scene points, but if I had to pay for the movie I'd probably have been a little disappointed. Not one of the best. I really do like Julia Roberts though, and Clive Owen is pretty good himself. Though, I don't think I'll watch this movie again. Mack was pretty good today during the movie. Maybe there is a good chance I'll take him again the movies. (It's getting harder as he's getting older).

On our way home from the theater we picked up Sean since it was just easier than going out twice. So today, Sean got pushed down by the tiniest girl in his class. Apparently he was SHOCKED that she did this and was totally confused by it at the same time. I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that this will have taught him a lesson, and he won't push kids around again...? Here's to hoping?? Maybe it took a little girl to push him down.... we'll see how the next few days go at daycare. Can I only dream that his pushing days are over?? Apparently this tiny little girl is one tough cookie....!

Tonight I went out with the West Island Knits/Crochet group to our usual spot. We were a nice sized group tonight. We always have great conversation, and I love getting out of the house once a week for knit night. Tonight I worked on my mother-in-law's Vest. (After some frustration with winding the ball of yarn at the coffee shop - never again - I'll have to remember to do it at home first. But my sister was a lovely sport in helping me - thank you!)


Bea said...

I've never seen any but the metal blocking pins so I suppose I prefer them. Actually for that matter I've never seen the metal like you have. I have sewing pins only. Maybe I should make effort to find some real blocking pins?

I'm with you on the cucumbers. This year for Easter rather then having Easter dinner we are having a wedding dinner so can I feel like I can cheat a little? No not really. Bummer.

Go tiny little girl! Beat up the bully! Oops that's the wrong attitude. Maybe she did knock some sense into him though.

Bertha said...

I use the metal blocking pins because we have a million boxes of them at my work for free, hee hee. They use them to hang documents up on the fabric covered cubical walls.

Nell said...

Bummer that Duplicity isn't better. I was kinda looking forward to that one.

Craftlover said...

Me too, i love the bamboo (or wood too). I am not very fond of Plastic stuffs, Just not very healthy for the EARTH, you know.
I love eco friendly stuffs .
(however, I am strange, not very interested in the eco yarn, because they rarely have vivid color tone, they are usually natural and pastel colors.. don't know why.)

g-girl said...

i've only seen the metal blocking pins like bea but after seeing your bamboo ones, I really want to try some now! a lil girl pushed sean?? wow! maybe that will get him to stop pushing others too. guess you'll just have to wait and see.

Tara said...

Never used (or heard of!) bamboo blocking pins (or plastic ones, for that metter). They're pretty!