Saturday, March 07, 2009

march seven

I finally decided that I didn't like the other vase I had for the extra needles, so I went out and picked up a 5th vase for my antique dresser in my office. (And to answer those questions, a) my office stays closed from the boys and b) it's way too high for Sean to reach (yet)).

Sean decided today that my foot needed to have it's pressure taken. Dr. Sean says I'm not sick.

I got some Maroon Scrabble Letter tiles. I don't have them listed in the shop yet, but they're limited the amount that I have sets for, so if you're interested in a Maroon Set, please leave me a comment!

Today at around 11 am, both Jamie & I headed out the door. Jamie took Sean with him to our store as Jamie had some work to do, and had to bring some products there. I took Mack with me, and ran some errands in the city. I had a list of things to do, stuff to pick up, a baby item I sold off Craigslist that I needed to meet up with the girl, that kind of thing. It was nice to go and do all that without any traffic and whatnot from weekday drivers. I sometimes can't stand going into the city during the week, but I still do anyhow.

Mack slept for the first part of my errands, but then not the 2nd half, which was fine, because this way I got him to nap when we got home. Sean on the other hand, apparently was falling asleep in the car on the way home and was not able to be transferred into his bed once Jamie got home. So he got a 10 minute nap. He refused to nap today. I really hope this doesn't stay as "Sean's not going to nap anymore"... cuz I think I'll rip my hair out. He does NOT function if he doesn't nap. He has been napping VERY successfully at daycare every day, so I don't understand why the lack of naps at home. Last weekend he napped for us. I hope it's just a fluke thing. (Sean did go to bed a little earlier tonight though because of the lack of nap today. He wasn't functioning anymore around 7pm, though he was on a downward spiral with his behavior as of about 5:30pm). He does get up at 7-7:30 am these days.

This evening Jamie had hockey but he decided to stay home as he has a bit of a cold. So we did our own thing for a bit, and also started watching Season 2 of Damages. I can't wait to see what Season 2 has in store, I was glued to Season 1!

I made great progress in a sock I'm designing, and already am ready to turn the heel. I wonder if I can beat my sister's 3 day record for knitting 1 sock. (Though, I have to take a break on Monday & Tuesday as I've got other things going on - which I'll talk about then!)

Have a good one!


Tara said...

Émilie still has a short 45 min. nap at daycare, but she refuses to nap at home.

Living Inspired said...

cute maroon tiles!

Bea said...

So what happens when you get more needles? I'll be hoping Sean will continue to nap for you.

Amelah said...

Cute vases! Looks very good and organized!

U & ur earrings :)

g-girl said...

the needle vases look great. :) it's a good thing Dr. Sean determined you weren't sick! hopefully the no nap thing was just a fluke.