Saturday, March 28, 2009

march twenty-eight :: 27 Months Old

Sean is 27 months old today. Don't you love his new haircut?

He really really really needed it. Look at this head of hair! Almost as bad as his daddy's hair when he needs a haircut badly. Both my boys get "Kramer" style hair when they need a haircut badly. Ah, the joys of curls.

The haircut came only late afternoon, after a nice sleep in this morning. (I'm not complaining!) My mom picked us up upon getting ready and we first went back to my parents house for some lunch with my dad too. After lunch, we headed out for a haircut and some errands. The haircut we had to wait for as we just walked in, and didn't have an appointment. The children's hair place was sure "happening" today. I also had the hairdresser snip above Mack's ears as the hair there was just growing over it, and it was looking rediculous. I saved the snippet from the hair for his curl box, but I'm not counting this as his first haircut.... I was just too afraid to trim above his ears. I didn't want it to look rediculous. Mack doesn't have enough hair to have a full haircut, so we'll wait, probably sometime after his first birthday (Sean's first real haircut was at about 14 months old).

On the way home we did some grocery shopping and at the store some cheerleeders were having a book sale a nd I got a ton of kids books for the boys for .25 cents each. A lot of the books were in excellent condition as well. There was also a few books that I had my eye on at the bookstore.

After the boys had at quick nap at home, we had dinner and tonight I just did my own thing. Jamie had hockey tonight, as he usually does, and I just wanted to do my own thing. I'm actually going to go back and plop down on the couch and watch some tv and knit. Have a good one!


g-girl said...

aww, no more curls? he looks so grown up now!

Tara said...

Those children's haircut places are always crazy, aren't they? Can you believe that Maxime is about to be 2 and he STILL hasn't had a "real" haircut yet? The kid was BALD.