Saturday, March 21, 2009

march twenty-one

This is where I found Mack this morning. In my bedroom closet. EATING my yarn. Oh my. (And yes, my husband is okay with the fact that I have yarn in our walk-in bedroom closet).

Today I wore a pair of pants, for the first time, in TWO sizes smaller than when I started my diet back in January. Woohoo! It feels good.

Today I went out with Jamie and the boys. We had some errands to run, and places to go.

One of the stops was to my uncle's shop. Jamie was picking up his new glasses and I fell in love with these purple ones. What do you think? I'm thinking about ordering them. Yes, I can't believe they're purple as well. (People who know me long enough know I used to detest purple).

And we promised Sean that we'd go by the toy store while out (maybe it was a bribe?) and get him a new toy. This is what he picked out. A silly ball and a happy face ball. Whatever makes the boy happy!

He just loved it!

I made Jamie drive today, so I could knit in the passenger's seat. I wanted to get finished with the last sleeve on Mack's Moss Block Cardigan. It's almost done! Getting there!!!

Mack loves to stand. He'll stand and grab onto anything. So I brought his Leap Frog bench from his bedroom into my bedroom since we spend a lot more time in my bedroom then we do in his. I swear, I'll be catching him walking from one thing to another (grasping with dear life) but I think it'll be any day now...! He really wants to run after Sean!

Tonight we went to go see the movie The Watchmen. Holy wow, what a fantastic movie. I think Patrick Wilson who played Dan Dreiberg is hot! I also loved Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played The Comedian. (He has been playing Denny Duquette on Grey's Anantomy). And Billy Crudup played Dr. Manhattan who let his "thing" hang almost the entire movie, and let's just say it's a little big to not notice. WOW! Thanks Tara for letting me know to look for it. LOL. It's almost 3 hours long, but so worth it. But seriously, now I know why I don't go out much....

Dinner... 84.76$ (with tip)
Movie... 21$
Popcorn & Drinks ... 16$
For everything else there's mastercard.

Holy crap. $121.76 to go out for dinner & a movie. Thank heavens my parents babysat, and I didn't have to pay a sitter! Otherwise the evening would have cost easily $150+. What do babysitters cost these days anyhow? I know when I used to babysit in the mid nineties, I got paid about 5-8$ an hour. And these days, almost 15 years later... I don't even think I want to know what babysitters charge... what do you pay your babysitter?


Bea said...

Wow. He ate your yarn? Gus does that too.

I like the purple specs. You should totally get them.

As for the babysitting thing. I babysit during the same era as you and I only made $2-3 per hour. :( I don't know what it would be now but seems like it could be equivalent to paying for daycare.

Craftlover said...

Mack is extremely cute on eating your yarn. hahahaha. (but , honestly, if Erika does that, I will be pretty mad..!)
Sean is so cute with his toy.. Extremely adorable ! OH MY!!

Nell said...

Cute glasses! Love em.

Mack! No eating yarn! (At least he's getting some fiber...)

Johanna said...

You are totally lucky your parents babysit for you. On a weekend night, in Boston, babysitters can be $15-20, especially because you have 2 kids!

...minimum $12 an hour.

I'm glad you guys can go out without one, we've been able to do that also with neighbors and friends watching Kaya.

g-girl said...

he ate your yarn? i wonder what it tasted like to him! nice glasses! i love sean's hat--stegosaurus I think, right?

Tara said...

As the owner of a pair of purple glasses myself, I say go for them, they're super cute and fun.

And it was my pleasure to taint your Watchmen experience. Someone told me to look for "it", so I just had to pass it along!