Monday, March 16, 2009

march sixteen

Sean likes to try on my things. This morning I caught him wearing one of my headbands. These pictures are keepers to show his one day first girlfriend, and also eventually his wife. In any case, he's too funny when he tries on my things. He puts them on and says "Just like mommy".

This morning after dropping off Sean at daycare, I went to the nutritionists office. I am now officially down 17.6 lbs. I went in this morning freaked out that I hadn't lost any weight still, because I didn't budge on the scale between Monday to today. I lost weight last weekend from Friday to last Monday, but then stayed still all week. (Though losing inches at my measurements on Friday from the week before). I'm still thinking it's muscle that's not allowing me to lose weight, because I'm now actually actively exercising. I still feel "stuck" on the scale... and I'm getting totally frustrated that the numbers aren't moving down. I did lose a little bit since Friday, so it's not as if it's not going down at all, or it's not as if I'm gaining.... I'm hoping I'm not plateauing... we'll see how the week goes this week. I really don't want them to have to change my daily menu.... I really don't want it to come down to that. Crossing my fingers.
This morning playgroup was at Jenn's house. Above is Mack with Maaike's son Gabriel.

Mack in his handknit socks, checking out a doll that sings the Macarena.

After playgroup, Mack & I headed over to the mall to meet my mother and walk around. We ended up going to a sports store where Jenn's brother Mike works, and visited him for a bit. I picked up some Habs gear for myself & Jamie, and it was nice to see my cousin. (I don't get to see him often). I tried the jogging stroller today at the mall. It's a little bit of a pain since the front wheel doesn't turn, and is locked into place. That's my only complaint. It's also very long, so it's a little hard to maneuver in stores, depending on their display.

On the way home from the mall, I realized that I'm sick of DIRTY snow. It's everywhere, and it's nasty. I cannot wait for the spring to really be here, and the dirty snow to go away. Far away.

I don't know if you can see, but I'm wearing my knitting needle earrings today. I love them. I've also noticed my face in pictures. The eating properly is making my face look thiner, and also no double chin! That's my fave part. Oh yes! It feels great.

Tonight was bath night.
Both boys have very sensitive skin, and dry too, so a bath is given every other night to not dry out their skein. Baths are given right after dinner, as you can see, Sean gets his face very dirty at dinner time. It's all around his mouth! I've seen worse though.... where food is in his hair, ears, on his eye lids. I really don't understand how it gets in some of the places it does, but it just does.

Mackenzie LOVES his duck tub. He gets super excited every time he goes in it. We're triyng to teach Sean NOT to splash in the tub, and that the water stays in the tub, but then while Sean's in the bath, I have Mack in the duck tub in the shower stall and Mack's splashing away. How can I tell one kid to NOT splash, while the other one is.... which I have no control over, because Mack doesn't understand just yet. (And no, neither kid is alone while in the bath, Jamie takes care of Sean in the bath, while I give Mackenzie his bath at the same time).

Tonight I realized how much hair Mackenzie really does have... Look at this hair!!

I really can't believe how much hair he does have!

Though, like with Sean, I am going to wait until after his 1st birthday to get him a haircut. He doesn't need one just yet anyhow... maybe just a trim over the ears... it's starting to get long there.

I received some yummy yarn in the mail today.
Sundara's sock yarn in Crimson.

And in Thriller.

Tonight we ordered in pizza (whole wheat!) and caught up on some TV. I got some knitting done, I'll have stuff to show you soon!


Amelah said...

Oy LOVE the pic of Sean in bath time! So adorable!!!

Both kids look like they are having a blast! I have the 2 cutest nephews in the world!!

I would like to be there for mack's first hair cut if possible :) Since i missed Sean's first!

Can't wait to be done with DIRTY snow too!!!

Hard to see your earrings in the picture BTW.

halloweenlover said...

If it makes you feel better, Gabe bathes once or twice a week, and I won't even mention how often Josie gets a bath! Something we go 2 weeks between baths! Eeek!

I'm sure the weight plateau is temporary. You are doing so great!

Tara said...

LOVE the Sundara sock yarn. So beautiful. And I wouldn't worry about the numbers on the scale. If you're still losing inches, you're making progress.

Bea said...

I think that a look at your blog will be sufficient to embarrass him at some point to his girlfriends. Keep up the good work!

You could always have some clean snow to cover up the dirty snow. Just get a few more inches and don't let them use the snow plow. (Spoken by the girl with the green lawn and 70oF weather...)

Nell said...

I love the glasses you are wearing in this post too. Now I want a new pair!

g-girl said...

sean looks adorable in your headband! ive been noticing your face looking different in pictures too! :)