Sunday, March 29, 2009

march twenty-nine :: 117 weeks old

Sean is 117 weeks old today.

This morning was another sleep in day. I managed to convince Mack to go back to sleep after his initial morning wake up, so we cuddled in bed together for a few more hours. Oh, I'm a happy mommy! Sean does his own this on weekend mornings, as he has free reign (for a long time now) of the house. He even knows how to put on his tv shows on the tv (smart kid!) and either Jamie hangs out with him, or Jamie does whatever else he does in the mornings, as Jamie's not a "sleeping-in" type of person. I think I'll always be a night owl, and love my morning sleep ins.

Apparently while I was sleeping, Sean & Jamie had a huge breakfast (I thought I smelled eggs frying in the kitchen), and Jamie told me after I got up that Sean was pretending to cut his pieces of cheese that he was eating with his fake kitchen set. And he would cut a piece for daddy to eat, cut a piece for himself to eat, and then he cut a piece for mommy. He proceeded to get off of his chair (he's been sitting on a big chair with just a phone book these days - what a big boy!) and tell Jamie that he was going to bring the cheese to mommy. Jamie had to stop him, as I was still sleeping - but it was too cute, even if hearing it and not seeing it. Oy, Sean is just too cute.

The rest of the day was lazy though, just doing a bit of this and a bit of that around the house. I'm in the middle of starting to organize myself for a spring clean, I have a lot of things that I want to tidy up around the house and get rid of. Broken toys can go in the garbage, clothing that doesn't fit anymore can go into storage (for the kids) or donation (my old BIG! clothes)... that sort of thing. I also need to finish getting organized to set up my seeds for the summer for my garden. I need to get them started by this week. At least the seeds that take 8-10 weeks indoors. (Tomatoes, cucumbers, I can't think of which other ones I started early last spring).

This evening after the boys napped (it took a LONG time to get Sean to nap today, he kept coming up with every reason and excuse in the book to NOT sleep), we headed over to my parents house for dinner (our usual Sunday night dinner at their place). My grandmother (mom's mom) whom we visited this past January in Florida is now back in Montreal until November, so she came for dinner tonight as well, it was nice to see her, it had been a while.

Jamie and I are deciding whether to hire our snow removal guy to maintain our lawn this summer or to have him just do an initial clean up and then have Jamie mow the lawn, etc.... I told Jamie it's really up to him, because it would be him mowing the lawn (not me!) and it's if he wants to do it at least every other weekend. Hmm.. decisions, decisions.

My best friend Robyn's cousin Josh's band won a juno tonight! I'd say he's more of an aquaintance of mine. I've meet him a bunch of times, and he's friends with friends of mine as well - but he's actually my best-friend-since-kindergarten's cousin. He's in the Sam Roberts band, and he's their drummer. Sam Roberts band is actually local, from Montreal. Yey for local boys! My friend Robyn however, moved out of Montreal in the 6th grade and has been living in the USA since. They're still close though, I think. That's so awesome that they won a juno! I guess I should be honored that Josh has me as a friend on Facebook? Maybe I should feel special? LOL.


Bea said...

Aren't you two just so cute together!

Amelah said...

That is awesome!!!

Hahah Sean cut the cheese for mommy ;) Sorry, I could not resist...

See some of the pics you still take Sean is looking & smiling!! :-)

g-girl said...

aww, how cute is that that sean wanted to bring you the cheese he cut!

Tara said...

I'm with Amy on this one. Sean cutting the cheese is just too funny ;)