Thursday, March 12, 2009

march twelve

Every morning between shows that Sean watches on Disney (like Hanny Manny, Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse, etc), Shaun the Sheep is on! The first time I caught it, I was half asleep and didn't realize. This time, I was like "I have to show my kntiter friends proof!" (You've even got the Disney logo on the left hand bottom part of the image!) Wow... Shaun the sheep! I only know who he is because I knit and he's on Ravelry!

I think the baby sheep it just the cutest!

It's just a 5 minute segment on tv, but my Sean gets a kick out of Shaun the Sheep. Funny!

This morning my cleaning lady wasn't coming as she called last night and spoke to Jamie while I was out. She's apparently really sick, so she doesn't want to get the baby sick. I was like " she should be home resting regardless, and not worrying about getting Mack sick!" Anyhow, I'll do some tyding up over the weekend, but I cannot wait to have her come clean the house next week. It's amazing how messy the house gets each week with 2 kids.

So I headed out today to run some errands. Discovered at Costco that not only were the wipes on sale (so I got a few cases), but so were Huggies Diapers. So I bought 2 cases for each kid. At 9$ off per box, that was great savings. Especially since it's already a fantastic price to begin with when you're buying a box that large in bulk. And on top of it, the 4 pack of apple juice we buy for Sean was on sale as well, so I picked up a few cases of 4 packs. Everything "baby" was on sale today. (Well everything that I buy for my "babies" at Costco!) Even though we water down Sean's juice, he still goes through a lot of juice. Walking out of Costco is never cheap, let me tell you. I also picked up a few other things there today, including a Wii Fit. I've been eyeing it for a while now, and the price seemed good at Costco. I've been hearing it's a lot of fun to do, so we'll see how I like it. I'm going to get Jamie to install it this weekend in our bedroom, because I'd rather do it in there than in the den, where I have to look up at the TV. I'd rather not get a sore neck while working out. At least when we're sitting on the couch watching TV, you don't strain your neck. But standing in the den, looking at the TV, would probably cause problems with your neck/shoulders over time.

I am so happy I got what I needed to get accomplished today, done. I do still have a bunch of other errands to run, but those will have to wait until next week probably. No rush for those.

This evening Jamie & I hung out and I got some knitting done. I've been working on easy projects in front of the TV, like my step-mother-in-law's Vest. It's coming along great, I hope to have it done soon.


Nell said...

Wiiiii!!!!! That's supposed to be so fun.

I'm with you on Costco. Saving money is expensive!

Sarah B. said...

Too funny! I have been singing the Shaun the Sheep theme song all day. I love that clip!

Bea said...

Yeah! Shaun the Sheep. SO cute. I might have to check and see if we have disney so I can watch it. I've heard that Wii fit is fun. I might have to go get it and try it too.

Tara said...

You might also like the Russell the Sheep books, they're lots of fun :)

g-girl said...

shaun the sheep! omg, i'm going to have to be on the lookout for him! i'm so jealous you got a wii fit! my sis just got one for her bday and i have yet to try it out.