Friday, March 20, 2009

march twenty

After dropping Sean off at daycare (late) this morning, (still not sure how to get out of the house with 2 kids - if you have a secret please share it), I went to see my nutritionist. I am down 18.2 lbs and I've lost almost (just under) 30 inches all over my body. Every Friday she does my measurements, and I seem to be losing 2-4 inches across my body (1 inch here, 1 in there, etc), each week. I'm pretty happy about this - let me tell you. I'm starting to see my stomach again as a stomach and not as a lot of pregnancy flab... Oh it feels great.

This morning while Mack took a nice nap, I watched the movie Bride Wars, while doing some work (stuffing envelopes!) What a cute movie. I am a huge Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway fan. And don't get me started with Bryan Greenberg who was in the movie as well. I became a huge fan of his (what a cutie!) in October Road, which he did with Laura Pepron (That 70's Show), which lasted 2 Seasons. Wish they hadn't cancelled that one.

At lunch Mack had his music class, and as usual, he loved it. I love that he gets so excited when she takes out the instruments and the animal puppets, etc! It's so cute.

After music I went with four of the moms for lunch at the local mall. It was nice to have lunch and chat. After eating, three of us stayed to walk around for a bit. I wanted to pop into Telus in the mall to see if they can do anything about my wall charger for my cell. It kept going back and forth between "CHARGING / NOT CHARGING" and was defective. There is a 1 year warranty, so they replaced it on the spot. Phew.

While at the mall we ended up running into immature mom from playgroup. I put on a fake smile and chatted. What is really funny, is that we (the three of us left after lunch) were openly talking about her. I was filled in from the other 2 moms about what happened Monday since I wasn't there... and that no one in playgroup likes her, etc... Oh, I'm so super happy that I'm slowly drifting away from that group. I really do not need that kind of high school stupidity in my life. And it seems like everyone just talks about everyone behind their back. Why? I don't know. I wish I did. There is no point. I thought we were all so way past this type of behavior years ago. Apparently not. Well then, no thank you.

It was really nice talking openly with those 2 moms though. I really hope that since I'm distancing myself from this one playgroup, that I'll still keep in touch with these 2 moms (one of which I know from high school - she was a grade below me and the other, a new friend, since having our boys this past year).

I went into Payless while in the mall to have Mack's foot measured. While I thought he was still in a size 2, he's foot is now over the line for size 2, and he should be in a size 3. Time to take out the size 3 ziplock and put away the size 2. I could have sworn that I told someone that I'd look through our shoebag and give them a ton of size 2 sandals, but now I can't seem to remember who I promised this to? I'm sure I'll figure that out. Freakin' mommy brain is getting to me bad some times.

Picked up Sean from daycare, and he was a good boy today in school. Phew. We've been having issues with him pushing kids and throwing toys. I'm glad though it's not just my son who has been pushing and throwing, that other kids in the class are like that too, and it's not just the spotlight on Sean. Though, I'm not happy with this - and I'm trying to figure out what to do about it? Any advice? Whenever he pushing or throws or hits at home, we put him immediately into time out - though, he's not really sure what this time out business is, but we're keeping at it. And this is how our conversation will go....

Me: Think about what you did Sean, while you're in time out, I'll be back soon.
Sean: Okay, mommy. (While crying)
I leave the room.
I give it a few minutes (toss in some laundry into the machine or do some chore).
Go back to his room.
Me: Did you think about what you did?
Sean: Yes, mommy.
Me: What did you do?
Sean: Push Mack. (Or insert whatever else he did wrong instead of what he just said).
Me: We don't push Mack. We don't push, we don't kick, we don't hit and we don't throw in this house. If you want to kick, you kick a ball in the basement. If you want to throw, you only throw a ball, in the basemenet or outside. Do you understand?
Sean: Yes mommy.
Me: Will you push Mack again? (Or do whatever action it is that he did wrong)....
Sean: Yes.

Well... at least he's honest.

Tonight, I was craving Scores, so we went out for dinner. I am not sure how I convinced Jamie to go out just the 2 of us with the 2 kids, but I do not think he'll ever do that again. If we're more of us (more family members, or what not) then at least we'd have help with the kids while out. But alone... oy.... we cannot enjoy our own meal, while out with the 2 kids. It's just not fun. Though, I do have to say that my meal hit the spot.


Craftlover said...

Mack's grown up so fast, he looks like a Toddler now! (wow..!)
little big boy huh !
he is so cute. :D

Amelah said...

Oy yours and Sean's convo made me chuckle...i can picture his voice too "will you push Mack again?" "yes mommy" lol i dont know if he 100% understand what he is really saying there lol....what a funny guy, well not funny that he pushed Mack or which ever kid.. kids say the darnest things!!!!

kate-the-enabler said...

Hey Robyn!! I just had a quick thought to offer you on the going out to dinner bit....we actually do brunch about once a month with the boys instead. I know, it's not dinner - but in the morning they're "generally" much better behaved and able to control themselves for a bit....means we can have a nice family meal together out... cheers ;)

My open roads said...

ha ha, ah, kids are so adorable! but I totally understand the frustration for the parent trying to teach some rules, it's all ahead of me!!!

Big Girl Feet said...

Mack is such a cutie!
Sean sounds like such a little character!

dawn said...

My oldest was the same way when he was a toddler and we did the time-out thing. Now that he's 5 people always tell us how well behaved he is (even though he's still rambunctious). Just be consistent and he'll get it eventually. Plus your kiddos are so cute you can't stay mad at them for long.

Nell said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That's a huge accomplishment!

Tara said...

You're going to be one smokin' mamacita this summer, dahling!

g-girl said...

ha. too cute that sean responded with yes when you asked if he'd push sean again. though he probably would've said yes to anything! hang in there. :)