Monday, March 02, 2009

march two

Today Mack & I had a busy day. First we dropped Sean off at daycare. Then I headed over to check in with my nutritionist. The next stop was to a new playgroup. I got invited a few different ways. My cousin Jenn is now in that playgroup. A boy in Sean's class, his mother is in the playgroup (actually it was at her house today). Plus, I know a few other people in the group as well. I even invited a friend to come with me this morning, the more the merrier I was told. I love all the women in this group. Very nice, and easy to talk to. I find it a totally different atmosphere from the other group I've been going to lately. I kind of liked the change of astmosphere. It was very refreshing. I think almost all these moms are 2nd or 3rd time moms. It's nice to talk to people that are going through the same thing as me, having more than 1 child. I'm glad to be apart of this. And Jenn & I finally get to be in a playgroup together (which is funny, because Mack & Henri are further apart in age than Sean & Jakob were, yet this is the first time we're doing the playgroup thing together!)

From there I went to the regular playgroup that I've been going to since August of last year. I had a birthday gift for one of the moms and something else to give three other of the moms and so I went for a bit before I had to head off to do some groceries on the way home. This playgroup is all first time moms (with the exception of I think two of us), but it's a much much much younger crowd than the playgroup I went to this morning, so it's another whole entire atmosphere.

I had a good day today, and I am glad that I got out of the house for a bit. I'm also glad that I didn't go to that class at the Y this morning. (And to be honest, I'm not sure I would have made it out of the house to drop Sean off at daycare first to be on time anyhow.) There's about 2 weeks left in the class, and I honestly have no interest. I may go to the music one, but I can't stand the moms in that class, so what's the point? (Who knows maybe they don't like me either, but I don't care). At this point in Mack's life, it's more for me than him. He's not really able to enjoy the gym facilities, etc, so it was more for me to meet new moms and socialize with them. Eh... not interested in hanging out with them.... so I won't be signing up for that again in the spring. Plus I found this winter session way to jammed packed. Maybe that's a reason why I'm so tired these days.... could be a reason.

Mack's Sophie is officially missing, unfortunately. Mack just loved it. She was last seen in pictures in Florida (my mom was just looking through our Florida pictures and said she was in some January 16th photos). I'm almost certain that Sophie did come home with us from Florida, but I'm not certain I've even seen it since we've been home, unfortunately. I've ransaked the house, and cannot find her. Mack loved the giraffe. If it did come home from Florida, then it's very possible Sean hid it somewhere (though I've checked anywhere in the house where there are toys), it was left at a playgroup, it fell out of my diaper bag somewhere, Mack dropped it while we were out... who knows. Mack has no teeth yet, and will be teething for a lot longer, so I'm debating whether to get him another one or not. It's the 22$ price tag that the debate, for a teething toy...! Maybe Sophie ran off with my missing sunglasses that I haven't seen since way before Florida (I was ransaking the house for them before leaving to Florida back in January). Ughh!

Tonight was another chill on the couch evening, which was much needed. I find myself zonked by the time both boys are in bed. I really don't know why I've been so tired lately. (One reason mentioned above could be that we've got a packed schedule, so maybe it's from all the running around?) I've been trying to go to bed at a decent hour lately, but not every night it's possible. And some nights it's not even possible to fall asleep without tossing & turning. We watched Heroes & Chuck this evening, and we're saving the 2 hour 24 episode for tomorrow night.

Knitting content (photos) coming this week. Promise!


Tara said...

I think the packed schedule might have something to do with the tiredness, yeah! Or, you know, you might be pregnant? lol

Kerry said...

Might you be expecting???

Wanted to tell you the other day to try some Aquaphor lotion on Mack. It was recommended by our pediatrician for Dailaesse a couple years ago. She has eczema really bad in the winter and spring. It's a little on the pricey side but it worked really well. Our pediatrician's office even gave us a couple small tubes to try before we invested in the big jar of it. It works great for us and it's steroid free. That was the one concern of our pediatrician due to Dailaesse's young age. He didn't want to put her on a steroid based cream so soon. Hope it works as well for you if you try it!

Bea said...

I'm glad you found another play group with some great moms. I don't see any reason to go to the classes if Mack and you get nothing from them. Maybe next time you might get a different group of moms who are more like you.

g-girl said...

oh no...sorry to hear sophie is missing. that was my very first thought-that maybe sean hid it unintentionally. hope it turns up. that is great that you and jenn are in the same playgroup together! are you going to continue with that other playgroup?

Sharon said...

We lost our Sophie on vacation, too. Boo. Luckily, she has a Chan, so that's been keeping her busy.

Also, I wanted to second Kerry's Aquaphor suggestion. Bean has eczema on her cheeks, belly, and little on her legs. I slather her in Aquaphor after each bath, and then put it on her cheeks throughout the day, and the stuff is like magic.