Tuesday, March 03, 2009

march three :: 37 weeks old

Mack is 37 weeks old today.

And for the first time he got to try apple juice. I had given Sean apple juice at an earlier age, but it was summer and hot and with Mack it's been winter and no real need for sugar filled juice (though we still water apple juice down for Sean). Anyhow, he really wasn't too sure what to do with the sippy cup. Though it kept him distracted from the fact that he was indeed in his high chair (since he hates the damn thing and being buckled into it).

I've been wanting to show you that I finally got Jamie to take apart the crib in Sean's room (and put it into storage). Sean's room is full big boy room now! It was kind of sad to pack up that crib, my baby boy is growing up so much. We still have some touches to do in his room (the bookcase on the back wall is missing a shelf (top) and there is a painting on the floor behind the Fisher Price house that needs to get hung on the wall above - but I must remove the dino decals first (they peel off easily)), so maybe this upcoming weekend. Once his changing table is no longer needed, we'll see how we'll arrange his room, maybe bring his bed to the other side - who knows. But for now, we'll keep things like this.

The angle from the back corner of his room towards his bed. He has figured out that if he takes his 2 step stool around the house he can reach things. Oy. My nightmare!

And the view from his bed towards the other side of the room. I like how everything is with the primary (and some other) colors. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, etc. Very colorful and very perfect for Sean.

I didn't go to Mack's swimming class this morning. Besides being drained, Mack's eczema is really bad, and until I see the doctor, I don't know how badly the chlorine is affecting his skin? Instead today, I spent the entire day in the house playing with yarn. I got some groceries done, and organized for dinner this evening, but other than that, I stayed in today. It was a much needed rest. I'm starting to feel better, though I'm still exhausted from our crazy schedule lately. (And no, I'm not pregnant, thanks for emailing me that I might be! Not quite. I won't be having any more kids right now, never again 17.5 months apart, and my husband is apparently done having kids and should I want more, I am to find another husband). Even though I really would like a girl one day, I'm happy with my 2 boys, and I'm happy that I'm the Queen of my household. And if I have a 12% chance of having a girl after having 2 boys, I don't want to set myself up to be disappointed. That's not a way to have another child. Even though if we had a 3rd boy, I would still love him and all that, it wouldn't be fair to long for a girl. So maybe we should just leave it at 2.... for now anyhow. Who knows what the future holds, and who knows if my husband's mind can be changed, but for now, I won't be having any more kids. (It's funny though, around "NOW" is when I got pregnant with Mack, when Sean was almost 9 months old. Mack turns 9 months old on St. Patrick's Day - March 17th).

Another chill night tonight with my husband. (Just what the doctor ordered!) We finally sat down to watch the 2 hour 24 episode from last night. I'm already excited to see what happens next week! The show is getting even more intense!


Bea said...

Having kids with brains isn't a nightmare. Just teach them to use them properly and do only the things you want. Ha. At least you have proof he's smart.

Pregnancy was actually the first thing that popped into my head. I figure your next one won't be planned thereby taking it out of either one of your hands. I still don't understand that 12% thing. Most everyone I know with two boys has had a third kid that is a girl.

Living Inspired said...

ahh, it's so nice when it's all tidy and orderly; isn't it? I bet it took about 3 hours of play to mess it all up again! that's how is goes over here anyway.

See you next week!

Tara said...

Can't believe Mack is almost 9 months-old!!! That's just insane.

lindsay said...

my daughter had really bad eczema when she was a baby as well. we took her to the dr. and they prescribed her a steroid cream. i wasn't sure i liked the idea of using that cream so i tried aveeno for babies and i put it on her 3x a day and it disappeared. i switched her to regular aveeno once she was around 2 and she hasn't had eczema since...

g-girl said...

what a little smarty pants to know that he can take his stool with him to climb up everything in the house!

Jude said...

I have an alphabet mat like that too! I love it!

And also, little Sean is so smart! I can't believe he figured that out already!